Monday, April 30, 2012

Shh don't let it hear

The sun came out today, it was really lovely and it was warm

I had to  whisper that bit cos it might have heard and gone away again.
Today I have done some washing and got it dry
I've made an attempt at some house work (note attempt didn't get very far)
I started to design a couple of papers to print out and use (reason for the note above)
I did the weekly challenge on UKScrappers
1st Day
I had the door wide open in the conservatory while I was scrapping
The cats were able to go in and out without me having to keep opening the door
After I had done the page I took a chair and a cuppa out into the lane and sat and watched the world go by, after taking a photo or two.
My picture for today has to be this one
Today I am grateful for the warmth and sunshine
for a pleasant afternoon

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