Friday, May 28, 2010


Hi Friends thought it was about time for a new freebie.
I have just upgraded the programme I use to create my pages (Serif Page Plus X4) and so I have been learning about what it can do by making a new kit. I have called it storm, because I started off with dark colours but have added a blush colour to it to compliment hope you like it I have also done an LO using the kit.

Here is a picture of the kit Download here
Full Kit

and the Layout I have done
Friendship AMS

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Playing catch up.... again

Well I haven't been in here for over a week though I have been scrapping a lot.
Yesterday I went into town with my daughter in law, Gemma she wanted to get Rufus weighed and afterwards we went for a lunch, walked down the hill and through Queens park back into town. Rufus now weighs 19lb 9oz so he is doing very well.

I haven't many photos of Benjamin so am probably scrapping the same ones over again but I did want to make a 12x12 album of him.
Precious Moment
Smallest Heart Tugger

The monthly challenge on UKScrappers this month is
Imagine you were given a whole extra day to do exactly what you wanted with no worries about family, household chores, money or work. How would you spend your day? Would you revisit an old holiday destination, go back to a special moment in time, or to a place that holds special memories ... or would you do something totally new to you.
most of the ones that have been done have gone back in time to a holiday that was special and I am no exception although I have also incorporated a holiday I hope will come at the end of this year to celebrate my 70th birthday.
Edinburgh Dream
I have kept this one large as the journalling is the most important part (if you click on it you will be able to see it all)

Last Saturday I had not been in long from my crop morning at Abbey Meads Scrappers, when Gemma called in, she said they were about to go out for a late lunch early dinner at the Cold Harbour in Blunsdon and would I like to come, would I just, it is so nice to have an unexpected invite like that so quickly switching off the computer and grabbing my bag, camera and coat I was ready.
I took quite a lot of photos of Rufus while we were waiting to be served and here is the resulting layout, done for this week's challenge on UKScrappers the main criteria of the challenge was to have the title as a question, and once again I have the perfect photos taken just recently. I am amazed at how often that happens
Wot we gonna have Daddy

over the last few days I have been fiddling with a scraplift, a challenge in Scrapbook Magazine this month, I did manage to do it digitally but it looked too crowded so I pulled it apart and just used some of the elements to create this page
Sweet child of mine

Friday, May 07, 2010

Scrapping scrapping and more scrapping

Scrapping (that is not fighting I might add)is the art of making memories out of our photos and using design and artistic abilities to make the pages stand out and attract attention to the events recorded.
Well that is the intention, whether that is what happens when I put a page together only others can really say. I enjoy doing them, usually feel deflated when a page is finished, so to get my fix of satisfaction I have to start another page almost immediately and feel very let down if I don't have any mojo (that's inspiration by the way).
so here are the pages I have been working on for the last few days

UKScrappers challenge for this week was to scrap with Green, pink and white. use either blossom or apples (the team setting the challenge are called Scrap Apples) because Monday was May Day the day when Maypole dancing on the village green takes place we were to use intertwining ribbons and we were to follow a given sketch.
Here is my digital version of the challenge using photos taken last month that I really wanted to scrap.
Prima Ballerina

I loved the sketch so when I was looking through some of my unfinished pages (of which I seemed to have quite a few) I found one started 2 years ago. It needed updating quite a bit as I have learnt a lot of new techniques in that time and was the perfect page to use the sketch again.
Surprise find

Another updated layout that I started 3 years ago
Flower arranging

And finally a page finished today that I started at the beginning of the week, this time one using real paper and buttons and bits and bobs
Hi Nana

today I am thankful for the rain staying away
for the company of my two cats
and for a lovely mixed grill meal tonight

Saturday, May 01, 2010

52 in 10 playing catch up

I have done it, I have caught up, I was getting so far behind because I just didn't know how to do the home improvements one. You see I haven't done anything to this property since I moved in, oh, except have a conservatory built but that was planned before I moved.
In the end I went for photos of the before and after, the before as I saw the bungalow for the first time and agree with Neil that it was ideal for me. The after just before I moved in and before I could make it untidy. lol
Home improvements

My Dream cottage, what fun this was to do seeking out photos through google and of course writing the poem,
Dream Cottage

Prompt 17 was work but I am retired how do I do this, somehow it all came together with a photo I knew I had from when I was working, my boss was trying out a polaroid camera and snapped me as I came in to ask him something

Office Worker Retired
A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye