Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time to get back to blogging

I have been absent from blogging for nearly 2 months, that is apart from the odd entry or two and they were mainly to put in my pages that I wanted to show my daughter.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of August so tomorrow I'll get back into posting a picture for the day and also my daily blessings boy have I missed them. Seeking them out and typing them on my blog makes me examine my day and realise that there are blessing and delights even through the hardest of times.

So without any more delay here are just a few of the pages I've completed this month

these two are for Danny, photos taken on his 5th birthday

Today UR 5

Let them eat cake

and of course I have to treat the brothers alike so here are two of Ben

Up Down Up

Swimming with Ben

While on Holiday of course Rufus feature quite a bit in our photos

Water Babe

Feed the Birds

I do have other pages to share but I think 6 at a time if probably enough.

My blessing for this morning (as the day is not finished):-
feeling much more alert and able to cope with the day after going back to bed for an hour.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scrapping Frenzy

Hi blog friends, so sorry I have been awol for so long. I am finding it difficult to get back to blogging and also to get back into any sort of routine after being away for practically a whole month.
One thing I have managed to get back into though is scrapping, with so many photos to scrap I have been on a scrapping frenzy

At the beginning of the month, well the first Sunday to be precise, Story Telling Sunday that is, thanks to Sian, I wrote the story of Freddy Bear and Jemma said I ought to do a page of that story so Jemma here it is.

I've also cracked on with more of my Holiday album

Believe it or not
A horse A horse
Old Town Diner

and the page I did today to go with the other page on the climbing rope

A Good Snapshot

We have had such a rotten summer so far in the UK that one of the challenges was to scrap a different season so, as I still had plenty of photos of my daughters two boys playing up on the rec with a sledge, I decided winter was the best season to choose for the challenge

Winter Playground

that is me up to date and I do hope to get back into blogging before too much longer.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Story Telling Sunday on a Monday

I am late with story telling this month, apologies, but I do have a story to tell. In fact this is a story for my No. 1 Grandson, He loves makey up stories, so here goes.

Once upon a time (all good stories start that way) there was a big Teddy Bear, he wasn't in a shop, he didn't belong to anyone, but he did have a name, most people didn't know his name, most people had to guess what it was. He was to be a prize in a raffle to help old people enjoy a day out.

Now there was a soon to be Nana who wasn't going to have a guess, but the old people that she helped to look after told her that she must.

There was a long list of names to choose from, but this Nana had already said what she thought he was called, Freddy, it seemed the perfect name for him, his name was really Fredrick but he much preferred Freddy.

Nana was so surprised and happy when she found out that she had chosen the right name for him and he was given to her. He was to be a special friend of her, soon to be born, number one grandson

That is the story that Danny will read, but further to the story I felt that the Lord was saying that everything would be OK, you see Helen had been worried during pregnancy that things were not right, especially as she is an older mother with a risk of Downs Syndrome.

why not pop over to Sian's place and read a few more stories

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye