Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fab time at Scrapaholics

I had a fab time at Scraphaholics last night, first time ever I think that I have managed to do two LOs the first one I had pre planned and done a quick digi one first (always the easy option for me) The second one I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. It was the June kit and the DaisyD pp was really scrummy (my type of pp anyway) I liked the pattern and didn't want to loose much of it so I cut round the flowers and the shape at the top and tucked my photo under it.
I think sitting next to Sandie last night gave me inspiration as her work always does. Thank you Sandie (Sandie's blog is here
http://www.allscrappedout.blogspot.com). We didn't get home very early as Robo decided to have a go slow time think he was worked too hard last night and overheated.
Then just as we had packed up and about to leave, the door wouldn't close. We eventually had to cut a little bit of the draught excluder off to make it shut but it too a time for us to realise that was what was needed.
When I got home I was still too keyed up to go to bed so decided to do the cross stitch title for 'mini me' sitting up in bed, it was 1.30 before I switched the light off, but I was well pleased with it, just finished off the layout right as it matched in with the antique look of the rest. By the way it is a photo of me taken when I was 2 yrs 4mth old.
The Deluge photos were the ones I took last Saturday but made to look like old photos, I am really pleased with the effect.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday and it's Wet Again

I have just done a layout using two photos that I found in an old album. These are of my husband and daughter at Guiting Power Rare Breeds Farm in Gloucestershire. I couldn't resist these as they made me laugh. This is the first page in my new 8x8 album which I completed a few days ago. The album is covered in some curtaining material that I picked up at the church sale. It had been around for a time so I thought I would use it. The base is some mounting board that my late husband had, he used to mount and frame his cross stitch pictures and always had a good supply of board, with some polywrap as padding, book rings to joint the front and back together and a couple of butterfly broaches, that I no longer wear, to finish it off .
I had to get the iron out for the ribbon so thought I had better do the rest of the ironing too. It comes to something when it takes a scrapping need to do a job I should do anyway LOL

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I did another paper and glue layout last night and for once I am quite pleased with it, it is nearly as neat as the digital one I did, to make sure that everything was balanced and in the right place. LOL


Well I just got in before the sky opened we had just had about 1" of rain in 5 minutes and now the sun is coming out again. I grabbed my camera quickly and took some photo and although they have camera shake I quite like the effect

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hi Folks I'm here again, just musing along. I have been in considerable pain with my foot today but hopefully tomorrow when I go to the doctors he will give me an injection which, although it is painful to start with, will eventually take all the inflamation away and I will be able to walk and stand without pain.

We did well at the sale again this morning, taking over £100 for the orphans in Kenya. We get given so much each week that, if we didn't off load some to the nearest charity shop, we would not be able to get it all packed away again.

I have been making another album for my pages. I seem to have so many layouts of myself now that I can't keep them all in one book. I have not quite finished it but will upload a picture here when I have.

Idid a layout of five generations, starting with a photo of my great grandmother probably taken around 1915 and ending with a photo of my daughter taken last Christmas.

I am very fortunate in having so many lovely photos of my ancesters. My father was a photography enthusiast and he inherited most the family photo which in turn have been passed down to me.

Had my hair cut today and one of my team on UKS asked me how's the short back and sides so I took a photo of me holding the camera at arms length, that was a bit of a mistake as it made me look as if I had a double chin, sure I haven't though, well not much of one.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Naught Tuesday

I have been very naughty and not done any work today except a little bit of washing, but as that only involved putting it in the machine and taking it out again to hang on the line, you can hardly call that work.

I have instead been playing with animation. I have managed to get my team logo animated and also added Pencil Line Sketch Fan to it; so I now have two blinkies on my posts in UKS

I have also done a digital and in real life layout (same one) for the Pencil Line sketch 37

Monday, June 18, 2007

UKSless Monday

We are without UKSrappers today but a group of us managed to meet up in Starbuck in Borders. It was good to be able to see each other and to chat. The children were as good as gold and I had a great time, hope the others did too.
You know I am glad that we were UKSless today I would never have suggested that we meet up if we hadn't been.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stay Indoors Saturday

Hi Everyone, It has been raining again a good excuse to stay indoors and do some craftwork.
I have finished another page of my Wedding photos, really pleased with this one, probably because I first did it digitally so I knew exactly where everything was to go. The title came to me last night when I went to bed, it seemed just the right words for the first page in the album. While looking for different textures that were in this colour I found the plush paper which I mounted the photo on, it is so nice and feely touchy. Then when looking for ribbon (which in the end I didn't use) I found this little bit of lace from which I cut the flower motiff. I didn't have any silk flowers in the right colour so I made them on the computer and printed them out on glossy photo paper, curling the petals and adding seed pearls to the centre made for a perfect compliment to the lace and little flowers.
I have just now made myself some chipboard swirls, coating them in embossing power with three coats to give them a little stiffness and a better gloss. Don't know what I will use them on yet but sure to find something soon.
Now that the day is nearly over the sun is trying to shine, think it is a little bit too late but might be worth a little walk to clear away the cobwebs and stretch my legs for a bit.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hi Folks

Another day just gone another day nearer to when my first grandchild will be born. My Daughter is well but uncomfortable now as baby is kicking all the time.

Sale went quite well this morning inspite of the rain. We still managed to raise just under the £100.00 for the orphans we help feed and clothe.

This afternoon I seem to have been on the computer too much again but at least I have finished another page from my Book Of Me (BOM)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hi Folks I have been fiddling with another digital layout today, it has not been an easy one because it has 5 different patterns in it which has taken me way out of my comfort zone. It is from Pencil Line Sketch 36. These photos were taken at the end of May this year my daughter was 36 weeks pregnant. One of Andy's sayings is "how you doing there" so the title sounded about right. I do like the sepia effect on the photos and by making them that colour it enable me to do a monochrome layout.
I am getting so excited, hope baby Daniel is either early or at least on time, really looking forward to holding a newborn baby again

Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Monday

Well the weather has been much better today not so sticky in fact very pleasant.

Did a very hurried go through the bungalow with the cleaner and general tidy up this morning, then decided I had earned a break so I cycled down to Asda and Borders. After doing my basic shopping had a nice Mug of Starbuck's Mocha and a sticky cake. Really enjoyed that, found a paper and was doing the crossword when I realised I was nearly asleep so it was time to push my self and get home.

This afternoon I have sat at the computer and done the weekly challenge from UKS. I so enjoyed this, using a photo of myself and my husband to be on the day we got engaged, umpty ump years ago.

The challenge was to use a photo of a hug or big smile (both of those in this photo), red or white or blue, flowers, 5 different elements and something old (photo again)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sizzling Sunday

Its a real sizzler today, haven't been able to sit at my computer for long as it is just too hot for me in here.

Well I have done another page of my Book of Me but has been a real struggle I just could not get it to come together right, but at last I am reasonably pleased with it, still finding mistakes because it's a paper and glue and bits and bobs one. Must try harder to get it right first time. Trouble is I don't seem to be able to plan it all before I put it together, I suppose that's because I am used to doing digital layouts and you can take off and put on and fiddle about for ages until the page come together right; but this can't be done with real life ones as once something is stuck down that it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Hi Folks,

Well it started of cold and dull this morning but now there is a late afternoon sun which is very pleasant.
Could have done with it this morning as we were doing the stall outside the church, as every Thursday. We collect for a friend who has adopted 24 street orphans in Keyna. What we take each week helps to feed clothe and educate them. All the folk around the area have got to hear of it and bring us fresh things each week. Its a good outreach too, to those around who need a listening ear or just a place where they can have a cuppa and a chat.

This afternoon I decided I would do the weekly challenge from UKScrappers. We had to use a Elvis song title, the colour red for Simply Red, Fancy cutting for Edward Scissorhands and / and or @ for the internet and Prince's new name. Here is my interpretation which I had great fun with, this is what I did
Elvis Song Title - Love Me Tender
Red for Simply Red - Brads and my Daughter's jacket and Son in law's rucksac
Fancy Edge Scissors - although this is a digi LO the edges were cut by scissors on black paper then scanned in and used as a mask for the pps
@ & / used in the fancy scroll over the photo, joined and flipped to achieve the effect I wanted. I didn't have a photo that would accommodate red so I altered the colour of my daughter's Jacket and Son in law's rucksac from blue to red.Font used both for title and the scroll is Beyond Wonderland I love doing this sort of thing it become the challenge for me to alter and use things in a different way than they were originally intended

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sunny Tuesday

Morning Friends

Lovely sunny morning at the moment. Think it is a must to get the grass cut before it rains again, its amazing how much it has grown since I cut it last, I know it's about a fortnight ago but each blade must be about 6" tall now. Rudi likes it when it's long as he can cool off and hide in it. I did this LO a while back but this is typical of him.

I think I am hooked on paper and glue layouts at the moment, here is the one I was struggling with yesterday. The only trouble with real paper and real elements is that once they are stuck down they are permanent and if I make even the slightest mistake I can't alter it, and although I am reasonably pleased with this page, the title has had to go over the top wheel as I hadn't lined it up quite right.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I'm Back

Hi Folks
I am back on line, I went up to Skipton to see my daughter and Son-in-law came back Wednesday to no telephone line whatsoever. I hated being without the web felt very cut off figuratively as well as actually.
BT engineers came and fixed it today, so I can update my blog now.

Had a good time up in North Yorkshire. My daughter is very heavy with child, as they used to say in the olden days, baby is due on the 1st July but I have my doubts as to whether he will wait till then.
The cot and baby transporter, ie pram & car seat, arrived on Tuesday so we had fun putting them together, everything is now in place for baby's arrival.
My son-in-law is so excited and a bit nervous, he keeps wanting to buy more and more toys and gadgets for the baby.

While I was phone and internetless I managed to get three scrapbook pages done;
two from my wedding photos and one page for my book of me. I was struggling at first, couldn't get any ideas although I knew what photos I wanted to use. Then the first page seemed to come together quite well. The second page I would have prefered to do again as the doodling seem to spoil it, but that is not so easy with a paper and element layout as it is with a digital one.
The small page for my book of me I am pleased with for although I had to cover some stamping that didn't go at all right the final page is pleasing and looks fine.

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye