Wednesday, March 31, 2010

52 in 10 prompt 12 Who would you most like to meet

I did warn Dolly that she may feature in my layout for this prompt. I have followed her blog for sometime and much admire her way of writing. I also enjoy seeing her layouts so who better to meet than Karen and of course Nigel and the fur babies.

I'd be so pleased to meet you

Today I am thankful for a love of scrapbooking
sitting at my computer in a comfortable chair (unlike my daughters chair)
with a cat on my lap

52 in 10 prompt 11 Faults, flaws and Foibles

I am catching up now and am pleased with this page. I made it messy and untidy on purpose to go along with my general untidiness which this layout shows lol


as the words of the poem are a little difficult to read I am putting them here too

Faults, flaws and foibles
Of these I have a few
But as I live alone these things
Will never worry you

I am very untidy
My home is never straight
But one thing I can’t abide
Is arriving late

The flaw in my make up
Is I’m a pessimist
I have to work so very hard
To see the positive

On the whole I manage
To make my life worthwhile
So my faults, flaws and foibles
I hope will bring a smile

52 in 10 prompt 10 A True Friend

Now that I am back home and can concentrate a bit better I am going to try and catch up on this project.
A True Friend
I am so enjoying this challenge but don't like being behind so hopefully I will get another one done today

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Freebie

It is ages since I last put a freebie in my blog but here is one I have just completed
Midnight Sun

hope you like it

Three week's to catch up on

I have been up to Skipton to my Daughter's for the birth of her second child, another boy who they have called Benjamin or Ben for short. As you can imagine I have lots of photos to scrap with and did do some while up there, so be prepared for a picture show.

My Baby Brother

Had to make sure that I did one at least of my eldest grandson Daniel

Number 1 Grandson

Benjamin Michael Poxon

another one of Daniel

what time it is

Benjamin with his Paternal Grandfather. What a shame John is no longer alive he would have loved to have held his grandchildren


I have been singing 'Hush little baby don't say a word' to Ben to quieten him down when Helen has been occupied with Daniel so that is the reason for the title, though I do think he is the cutest baby, but I am biased

Cutest little baby in town

Tiny Boy Mother's Joy

The best place to sleep

Thoroughly Modern Mother

Didn't realise I had done so many but I enjoyed making a start on Grandson No. 3's album.

Now I wonder what I am thankful for today lol A new grandchild and Grandson No.1 of course.
a safe journey home
the doctor telling me that I don't have DVT but either an infected cyst or phlebitis which can be cleared up with antibiotics. but I have torn an Achilles tendon which I must rest as much as possible so that it doesn't get any worse and I don't have to have an op.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

52 in 10

Well I think I am making up for not blogging for over a week and doing two today. I just wanted to keep 52 in 10 separate from the rest.
Prompt 9 was about friendship and although I found this one hard to do I wanted to get it down on paper and out of my system and it has helped.

today I am thankful for a warm place to live
two cats who love me even if it is cupboard love
and my computer that keeps me in touch with folk

Lots of layouts and some fun with friends

Well I haven't blogged for over a week. Not sure why I didn't come on here earlier in the week but the week has now gone.

Last Friday saw my team and I at a scrapbooking retreat, just us in this lovely cottage near Malvern. Hidelow House Tithe Barn
Hidelow house tithe barn
lovely setting and a lovely hot tub too. It was a little cramped so if we decide to go there again we will ask for the bigger place at least we will have more time to save.

I successfully did two paper and glue layouts while there
This one is from the Mystery Kit made up by Weety, thanks Weety it was a lovely kit the only thing I added was one button and a couple of the smaller flowers and the alpha for the title
Nana's boy

this one was a challenge not to have any card stock showing and use a sketch
Love You IRL

since I have come home I have not felt too good, just so tired and worn out. but I have to be fit for next week, going up to my daughter's for the birth of her second child.

I have managed to digi scrap though of course. It doesn't take too much effort to sit at the computer and produce a page I am pleased with.
Daniel loves Daddy
this one for a ready steady scrap challenge which was to use brads, chipboard & acetate, all easily reproduced in digital time. I had to use blue somewhere and also to dry emboss, now that is not so easy but I managed it.

these next two were scraplifted from the new Spring issue of Scrapbook Trends
Vying for my Lap
Fallen Leaves
A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye