Thursday, February 25, 2010

All ready for the off

I am off on a scrapbook retreat weekend with my team on UKScrappers. I have to travel by train as I don't drive and no one comes from my area but I don't have too bad a journey, and as I love to digi scrap I thought I wouldn't take too much paper and embellishments etc. well that is what I thought, but .... my case is full and that is all stash except the few essentials like clean undies and PJs. So I guess I will be doing scrapping with paper and glue as well as digi.

The only thing left to pack is my laptop but that has to be a last minute thing as I am still using it.
This evening I felt I just had to do some scrapping on it as I hadn't done any for 24 hours!! too long lol

Boxing Day Lazy Day

Today I am thankful that the sale went well
that we were given a large donation for it which should bring Jeremiah out of debt
and that I am off tomorrow for a fun weekend

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

52 in 10

We are at week 8 already doesn't seem all that long since we started this.
This week we are encouraged to do a page or journal about someone how has inspired us and for me it was my Dad.
so without further ado her is my page on my Hero my Dad
My Hero My Dad

the journalling reads
The person who had the biggest influence on my life was my father, yet for the first 5 years of my life I hardly saw him. I was born during the second world war and dad was in the army. I loved him from the moment I first really met him and my earliest memory is of him doing conjuring tricks.
He always had time for me and infinite patience, and would spend hours explaining thing to me until I understood. He helped me with my maths homework making it interesting, not boring as it seemed at school.
We were very alike and enjoyed the same hobbies.
My children also adored their grandpop and loved visiting him. He knew how to be with children and how to talk to them

So today I am so very thankful that I had such a loving and kind father
and that I married a man who was equally kind and loving
and hopefully have instilled that in our children to pass on to theirs

Wednesday already ?

Goodness me it's Wednesday already and I haven't blogged since Sunday. I have been scrapping though even if it is to the detriment of the house work.

Monday I did try and do some work around the bungalow, but kept being drawn back to the computer I wonder why? lol. Monday evening was our crop at Abbey Meads, and wow I managed to do a layout using paper and glue, in fact I didn't even take my laptop to the crop that in itself is a minor miracle. I wanted to do a page for Rufus about his beautiful blue eyes.
Beautiful Blue Eyes
He had been crying so his eyes are shining even more than usual but they are so beautiful and so very blue.

Tuesday I had Rufus a good part of the day, and he was well behaved for me, think he must be on a growth spurt as he wanted feeding quite a lot.

I also finished the weekly challenge on UK Scrappers, the criteria being use a sketch use bright bold papers, stitching and ribbon or fabric. No problem there using fabric digitally but bold bright papers is really not my thing. Still I am quite pleased with the result even if it took a while to get it right.
this is the sketch
and my layout from it.
Zap me with your Zing

Yesterday and Monday I was thankful for Scrapping with friends
and managing to do a paper and glue layout
Rufus being good for me.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lovely Sunday

Well I have had a nice day, started out with taking Rufus to church, he was as good as gold for me. I am sure he is getting much better lately too, he is certainly sleeping better at night which is great for his parents.
Then this afternoon we all went to Ikea and had a lovely long mooch around the store, I haven't been there for a long long while, I bought two 4 draw cabinets with a 13"x13" inside measurements. As I was measuring them a lady came up behind me and said is it 12"? I knew immediately she was a scrapbooker and we started to talk. Isn't it great how our craft can unit complete stranger like that.
Unfortunately I can't take a photo of the cabinets yet as they are still in my son's car, do hope I don't have to nag him to bring them over.

So today I am so thankful for today's events
for a lovely grandson who was such a joy to have
and for getting the cabinets that I so need in my craftroom.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My New Clothes

Well I couldn't resist and went back for the top I had tried on the other day. I know that it is a little bit big but with a black roll neck jumper underneath it will look great. That makes three new tops bought recently and as I have the habit of photographing myself in the fitting rooms of stores I thought I would do a layout of these new tops.
I love the current fashion for long tops over leggings, not sure that I am the right age for the leggings but I do have a long slim black skirt and the tops go brilliantly over that.
Unusually for me I have only created the background paper and the scalloped mat in this layout all the rest are freebies from Scrapbook Flair all I have done is change the colours to go with the theme, which is another colour combo from Color Combo Galore.
The ribbon at the bottom of the scallop is the colour scheme.
My New Clothes

Today I am thankful that I got the top I really liked
that I was served by a very helpful young man in O2.
that I now have a purple phone which incidentally takes reasonably good photos

Friday, February 19, 2010

Scrapping versus housework,-- no contest

I should have been doing housework, my bungalow does need it, there are bits and pieces everywhere. Oh dear, sigh, I did try to do some honest I did, but inspiration struck and mojo was in full swing, and the creative juices just wouldn't let up so had to come back to the computer and go with the flow.
After all housework will still be there tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and every other morrow ad infinitum
The first page I did I have been playing with the evening before so was partly done. This one I have used lots of new designs that you will be seeing in a freebie soon. It was done for the colour combination challenge here which is to use the four colours fern green, mountain dew, grass green and royal purple
Special Moment
the title is Parchment font but I have added to it the swirl underneath, this is part of the fancy bit around the U 

This second one is a scraplift from Anna Aspnes on Designer Digital but I have used all my own things
each square is a photo that I have manipulated in different ways.
Oh Baby
the font seemed to fit this perfectly and is called Anything you want

Today I am thankful for inspiration from very talented people
that no one is going to complain that the bungalow hasn't been tidied
and for Serif Page Plus that allows me to scrap all I want digitally.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi folk I am still enjoying Dolly's 52 in 10 and decided to do a double page for this week's prompt which is Traditions
I started by doing a tradition my husband and I started when we move to Swindon and discovered the Cottage of Content in Cirencester. We would celebrate my birthday there and as it fall so near to Christmas we had to book well in advance. Each year after we had finished our meal John would book the place for the following year.
I did enjoy doing that page but realised I have been harping back, so much recently, to what I had while John was still alive and I wanted to do something that was a current tradition hence page 2.
Forgotten Tradition

New Tradition

Today I rectified my two forgetteries and collected my camera from my Son's and the book from Costa
so I am thankful that neither item was lost
I have also discovered a great site for getting free digi kits all because they have put two of my freebies on the site.

My Forgetter

My Forgetter is definitely getting better. Yesterday I took Rufus out for the day, no thankfully, I didn't leave him behind anywhere, but I did leave my library book, that I had waited months for, behind in Costa coffee shop. When I got back to my Son's place I phone them and yes it was there so I will go back today to pick it up.
Then I was coming back to my bungalow having had a lovely meal and evening with my family and realised that, although I had my camera case it was empty, I had left my camera on their settee so will have to pick that up today sometime too.
I don't know who penned this poem, it sound rather  like a Pam Ayres one, but it's definitely describing me.

My forgetter's getting better,
But my rememberer is broke
To you that may seem funny
But, to me, that is no joke

For when I'm "here" I'm wondering
If I really should be "there"
And, when I try to think it through,
I haven't got a prayer!

Often times I walk into a room,
Say "what am I here for?"
I wrack my brain, but all in vain!
A zero, is my score.

At times I put something away
Where it is safe, but, Gee!
The person it is safest from
Is, generally, me!

When shopping I may see someone,
Say "Hi" and have a chat,
Then, when the person walks away
I ask myself, "who was that?"

Yes, my forgetter's getting better
While my rememberer is broke,
And it's driving me plumb crazy
And that isn't any joke.

I am thankful that although I left bits behind I know where they are.
I had a great day with Rufus and he was very good for me
I know that my camera has a lot of new photos of my little grandson on

Monday, February 15, 2010

Today being Monday

Today being Monday, I should really be doing some housework, but instead I am doing the weekly challenge on UKScrappers, will I ever be able to leave it a day or two so that I have something in the middle of the week? I've come to the conclusion I am addicted to challenges and must complete them as soon as they appear. Well at least if the idea catches my imagination and I have the appropriate photos.
This week's criteria is:-
Include 10 of something (can be in the title or embellishments or photos - use your imagination!)
Scrap about change
Use a fancy edge
Use red somewhere

Well a baby from birth to 5 months changes so much therefore my little grandson is the perfect subject for today's challenge
I grabbed all the bits to fit the criteria very quickly and then the fun began. It takes me ages, even with digital, to get the layout looking anything like I want and am pleased with, but it has come together rather well in the end.
Making my own elements always is the best part of any of my digital pages as I love starting from scratch with a blank canvas.
Rufus how much you have changed in five short months

Today I am thankful for the gift of creativity
for the fact that I have so many photos of my grandson
and that I made myself a lovely rice pudding for dessert today.

All day crop and lovely meal

Praise the Lord I am back on internet and everything seems to be running OK

I was at an all day crop, we had two classes and I have done two paper and glue layouts, something I haven't done for about two months.
I still have to put a title on one but am quite pleased with it. The other one I think is a bit too busy for me but others have said it is good.
2 become 3
this is the one that needs a title and I thought '2 become 3' might fit the bill

Because of your Smile
I just think that the photos get a bit lost in this one which is a shame as I love these and are typical of my daughter and her family.

and of course I took my laptop with me to the crop and produced another digital layout

A great church service followed by a meal out with the Ladies Club (a group of friends who are all widows) then the afternoon with one of those friends, catching up on all our news. Perfect way to spend valentines day when you have lost your valentine.

So for the weekend I was thankful for:-
the company of good friends
the breaking of the deadlock on doing paper and glue layouts
and that I was back on the internet.

Friday, February 12, 2010

No internet

Oh dear oh dear
I tried to log into the internet this morning and nothing. I phoned my provider and they couldn't help, they would have to send out an engineer, and guess what no engineer available till Monday afternoon. so I am at a loss for a whole weekend. I have managed to get a computer at the library for a while. So am now able to at least update my blog and show the layout I did yesterday. Good thing I have already put it on Flickr

I am going on a retreat with my scrapping friends and went to book my ticket, I am going to have to hang around at a small station for and hour and a half.

today is not my day. Still I have my health and strength so life is not all bad.

What am I thankful for? The Library computers
that I can remember all my passwords
that I have an all day crop tomorrow so won't be deprived of scrapbook company.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Freebie

It is Thursday and time for another freebie digi kit
this one specially done in time for Valentines day.
Full Kit
if you like what you see and want to download it click here. I would very much appreciate a comment from you if you do download. Thank you

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snippets of this and that

Overheard on the bus today

"Are you going to have your knee replaced?"
 "Yes but I need to have the castle tunnel in both hands done first."
 The mind boggles.

I came out of the shop to a snow storm quite unexpected although it was very cold, but within 5 minutes the sky was a brilliant blue again.



today I am thankful for a good mooch around the shops
finding a long top to wear over black trousers
finding Scrapbook Magazine in Smith's a day early
and a long sit in costa's reading the mag

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Worn out

I have had my five month old grandson today and I feel worn out. Help am I going to be able to cope as he gets more active. I think partly the trouble is that he won't sleep unless being pushed in his pram or in his own cot, so I am walking around with him all the time.
He is a lovely little chap but hard work.

I am thankful that I can have him for a few hours
then thankful to give him back at the end of the afternoon
Thankful that I can snuggle up with a blanket in my recliner chair and have a little snooze
Also thankful that there is a Chinese/fish and chip shop just 5 mins from my home.

From whence I came and The nose has it

52 in 10 logo smaller a year long challenge set by Dolly 
I am so enjoying this challenge, I know that we are only six weeks into it but so far every week the challenge has been great and indeed challenging.
This week we are looking back at our family tree and seeing where our habits, looks and traits come from.
So without further ado here are my two pages.
From whence I came
as the journalling is a little difficult to read because of the slant here it is.
Family is that strange body that makes us who we are that shapes our minds and gives us identity.
Our traits and habits are often found to have been passed down to us through more than one generationThe nose has it

Monday, February 08, 2010

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Come on who doesn't love chocolate? as I thought not many people put there hands up. Last Tuesday I took some photos of the shop window display in Thorntons, all set for Valentines day of course, and I was pretty certain that I would be doing a layout of these photos this month. The weekly challenge on UKScrappers for this week was the perfect vehicle.
We were challenged to use a song title with 'love' in it, to have the colour red in the page somewhere and to have hearts of course.
I googled for song titles and this one seemed to fit the bill 'Love is a sweet thing' so with the photos the title and an idea beginning to take shape in my mind I played around on the computer.
Love is a sweet thing
The final layout design has made me crave chocolate so much I just had to have some, not good for my figure but hey ho chocolate is something I just can't resist.

Today I am thankful for Chocolate ... Chocolate ... Chocolate
I am sure there are other things as well but CHOCOLATE has overcome me.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Childhood experience & A country lass

Today I took my little grandson to church, I want him to feel at ease there so that when it is time for him to go to bible school he will feel completely comfortable and it will be the most natural thing for him.
My own experience was so different. I was suddenly taken to Sunday School by someone I hardly knew, Mummy didn't come and I was so scared, I remember screaming as I left the house I could not have been more than 3 or 4. My parents didn't go ever yet both myself and my brother were sent. I rather enjoyed it for a while but then I had a teacher who frightened me and after that I refused to go for a long while.

So many memories seem to be flooding back to me, triggered by such small things sometimes. I want to learn from these experiences so that I can help my grandchildren to be overcomers.

OK a bit morbid, sorry, but I needed to write it down somewhere.

On a much better and brighter note I have been scraplifting again and have done a lovely page of my daughter. She is a outdoor girl and loves to walk, both her and her husband are now encouraging their son to enjoy this pastime too. Although you can't see where she is in these photos you can see that it is outdoors in the countryside.
A countryside lass

Today I am thankful for the chance to take my grandson to church
to have a loving family around me
to have a Father God who loves me so much that he never lets me go.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The wonders of nature

I knew that I would be doing a layout of the Little Egret I saw the other day, and here it is.
Little Egret

The fact that I was able to get so many photographs of him was indeed a small miracle and really did delight my heart.

Here is something else that thrilled me this beautiful sky was crying out to be photographed and scrapped so, not to disappoint it here is my latest page.
The sky like polished bronze
I have written a poem to go with it, the first 4 lines of which are on the layout

The sky like polished bronze
Fiery red and liquid gold
Silhouetting the leafless trees
Giving lie to the bitter cold
Filling my eyes with its beauty
My soul with wondrous praise
Drenching my heart with its glory
Giving awe to chilled winter days

Today I am so thankful:-
that my creative mojo is back, because last night I was so tired I just couldn't do anything worthwhile 
that God has given me eyes to see and a heart to appreciate the wonder of nature
and that I can grab the moment and freeze it in my camera for all times.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

52 in 10 prompt 5 - Family

I am really enjoying this project although at times I struggle to know what to do I always seem to find something in the end.
I would love to be able to get words from my family to put behind this digital layout, but as yet not tried.
We are Family

Today as it is Thursday we had the sale in the church as usual we had lots of people in and of course the opportunity to speak to several of them.

Today I am thankful for friends who care
for dinner already prepared (I did it yesterday so only had to heat it up)
for more photo of my Little grandson
and for hearing my young friend sing beautifully, and bringing tears to my eyes.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fur babies

I haven't done a layout of my cats for some time so to borrow an expression from Dolly here is one of my fur babies.
This layout was done for the weekly challenge on UKScrappers. We had to use pink some bling or a crown and old stash.
Even though it is digi I used some bits from old freebies that I had collected over the years and of course never used as I prefer to make my own. but in this layout the only thing that is my own is the butterfly and the photos of course.
The title is done using the font of the week which is Orial. When I downloaded this font there was an email address to let the creator know and he emailed back to say how honoured he was to be font of the week on UKScrappers.

I couldn't do a page for Sammy without doing one for my boy Rudi


I have been looking after my 5 month old grandson this afternoon and now I am so thankful that I can give him back. he has been a bit of a grizzly baby today and hard work. Still it is nice to have him and to be able to give his parents a bit of a break.

Monday, February 01, 2010

My Love and the Little Egret

February already and lots of new challenges to do.

The house challenge on UKScrappers this month is, as you can guess, Love. It doesn't have to be just romantic love, though that is my choice.
Yesterday I did a layout using the colour combination for this week on Color Combo Galore but hadn't posted it on UKS, this was the perfect layout for the challenge if I added some journalling, and after all journalling is what makes an ordinary page, a memory, isn't it?
Love Endures

this is a scraplift of one from March's Scrapbook Trends by Delaina Burns and I made all the elements and patterned papers myself on Serif Page Plus. You will probably see them in a freebie before too long

No matter how bad a night I have and how yuk I feel when I first get up somehow something always seems to happen to lift the day
Walking along the back lane this afternoon I saw what appeared to be a very small white heron fly over my head and land in the little stream that runs along the side of the lane. Luckily he seemed quite happy with me there and I managed to photograph him for quite some minutes.
He/she was not much bigger than a crow, so I wanted to find out more. The RSPB on the web site was not much help so I phoned them and spoke to a very helpful lady who told me it was almost certainly a Little Egret and she was interested in the fact that they seemed now to be moving up country. Apparently they have been seen in Devon and Cornwall for some years.

So today I am thankful for always carrying my camera
for this bird that didn't mind his photo taken
and the Memory of a good loving husband
A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye