Friday, August 30, 2013

August updates

I have been scrapping since I last posted but not a lot else to blog about. A nice photo of Rufus taken in town, he had just been bought a fireman's outfit and of course had to put it on straight away.
 Muffin's paw is now completely healed but that photo just had to be scrapped
I haz poorly paw

During the week I didn't feel up to taking my computer from the lounge to the craft room so that I could print off some photos so I went down the digital line, not done a digi page for considerable time so it was rather nice to get a page done that I like (even if I haven't printed it off)

Greetings and Separations

I used some of the chalkboard stickers that I have been creating lately and I rather like that black & white style with the only colour coming from Rudi's fur.

the weekly challenge this week was to use our own handwriting in a different way so I chose to do the title for my page in a style similar to one I have on the computer Kingthings Inky Dinky
Camera on Geocaching Green Button Retreat 2012


Well friends it's nearly the end of August, start of the new academic year next week and of course Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day.
I've covered the album I'm going to use and I've done a  aims page, mainly because I can't wait to start (insert grinning smiley)
My album is an American Craft Chipboard one and I have gone with a black & white theme with just a splash of colour on each page

the cover

the aim
Life's Daily Lesson
the photo I took today blurring out the background by photo manipulation I like the effect better than the distraction of the garden behind me.

Today I am grateful for 
A God who loves me and would  never direct me where His grace could not protect me.
for learning to accept being taken out of my comfort zone
for the joy of walking with Him daily

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Muffin update, Phenomenon and Hill rolling.

Good evening blog friendsSaturday Muffin went to hospital she had to have 3 stitches. Neil and Rufus came with me and we went around the shops after leaving her there, nice to have their company kept me from worrying about Muffin too much.

Neil Just had to take my photo as he never ever thought he would see me in Jeans, so this phenomenon had to be recorded in a layout
It's a Phenomenon

The most difficult thing about Muffin's wound is the fact that I have to keep her in until it is healed, which makes it very awkward with the other two, and especially at night when she wants to be out and not shut in a room. I had to let her into my bedroom at 2.00 this morning as she was scratching so much at the door I felt she would open up the wound, hope for better sleep tonight.

Yesterday I did the weekly challenge, we had this sketch to inspire us

I kept pretty much to the sketch as I rather liked it.

Hill Rolling

Today I am grateful
  • for the nice weather still around
  • for Muffin being so biddable taking her medicine and not worrying too much about being kept in.
  • Scrapping time.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Fiasco

Sometime this morning I found bloody paw prints all over the bungalow, too small for Rudi so it had to be one of the girls. I called and eventually Muffin appeared limping very badly. Her paw as pouring with blood and I just couldn't see what had happened as I couldn't stem the flow. So I shut her in the kitchen and phoned the vet. My vet, that I can get to under my own steam, couldn't fit her in I had to get her to Abbey Meads which meant a taxi, ordered the taxi and went to get Muffin into the basket only for her to be far too quick for me and she escaped. I just couldn't find her so had to cancel the appointment and the taxi. The vet did say that if I managed to get her they would fit her in. I eventually cornered her at just before 3 this afternoon.
Got her to the vets only to be told that it would have to be stitched and they couldn't do it there I'd have to take her to the veterinary hospital tomorrow. They did give her an anti inflammatory injection along with a pain killer, and bandaged it up as tightly as they could. She is now very miserable as I have had to shut her in the spare bedroom and I'll have to keep her in all night. Neil will take me to the hospital tomorrow morning, and I hope he will collect her afterwards in the afternoon. all this is going to cost me £300 plus as I don't have insurance. Mind you with three cats I would have paid out a lot more than that if I did have them covered.

On a happier note I have done a page for Danny's birthday in between all the fiasco with Muffin

Danny 6 Today

but my lounge looks like it has been ransacked as I have been scrapping in here for a while as the conservatory is too hot. still the weather is getting a bit cooler so perhaps I can get back to using that room for my craft work.

I have another page to share, Ben being oh so careful not to spill his bubbles as he went down the slide.

I didn't spill a drop
this was done for the Simple Recipe challenge on UKScrappers which is to use a muted colour palette of Powder blue, Rain cloud and Whitewash.
I would have liked to have used the second scan photo of my grandson No.4 who is due in Oct. but I don't seemed to be able to find it though I did think that Neil gave it to me.

Well I think that is enough waffling for today, except to domMy thankful list for today

  • Being able to afford to have Muffin treated
  • for the distraction of scrapping when troubled
  • and good neighbours (Tony picked me up from the vets)

Monday, August 12, 2013

scrapping again

I have a couple of pages to share here today.
This first one from my trip up to Skipton to be with my Daughter and family. My youngest grandson (at the moment) Ben is far more adventuresome than his older brother.
and today I did this week's challenge on UKScrappers. we had to make a page with plenty of 'white' space and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
In a Tranquil Place

I was chuffed to eventually get a photo of the small tortoiseshell butterfly that has been visiting my buddleia, these butterflies used to be so common but now seem to becoming very rare indeed. In a better place is the peacock butterfly which used to be far rarer and now seemed to have had quite a come back. I have counted up to 10 in my garden on several occasions.
I am now on a quest to photograph the Brimstone that made a fleeting visit today. Hope it comes back to give me a better opportunity to capture it on camera

I went for a hearing test today (just a quick free one) and they say it's at the bottom end of 'normal'. Trouble with these tests is it's in a quiet room with no distractions but I am having more trouble hearing, especially when in a crowd, now than I have done in the past.

My thankfulness list for today

the butterflies on my buddleia
hearing still within normality
a lightness in my spirit

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Queen's Park in high summer

Wednesday I decided I would take my camera to Queen's Park again, haven't been for a while, so it was nice to wander around snapping things I saw.

The lake from a different place than usual.

how much more can she hold in her beak

the pond, it looks very tranquil here

a cheeky chappy, went away disappointed because I didn't have anything for him to eat

It's amazing what a difference it makes when you get the camera angle just right. For this one I stood a little way off and then zoomed in. It looked far better than if I had taken it nearer.

I don't know what plant this is but I rather liked it when taken close up

taken within the willow tree

and some of the flowers

and is this a giant salvia? love the spiky edges to the 'leaves'

I went into the little memorial garden and managed to take a few self portraits there

and finally this photo taken from inside the memorial garden looking out through the gateway I love the way the scene is framed by the wooden arch

Monday, August 05, 2013

Weekly challenge layout

I know, I don't post anything for 2 months then do 2 posts in the same day.
Monday is the day that the weekly challenge is posted on UKScrappers and either I do it immediately or very early in the week.
Today's criteria fitted with the photos I wanted to scrap of my two Skipton grandsons
I tried to have a photo shoot with them but young lively boys and standing still is a contradiction in terms. The photos I did get really show the fun of this experience. I did a double page so I could use lots of them

Keep Moving DLO

I also managed to capture on camera the Peacock butterfly. I've been trying for a few days and not succeeded but today I do have a passable shot.

It August

It's been several weeks since I last blogged. Life, or lack of it, has got in the way but I now hope to find the inspiration to make an entry at least once a week. Do you think it will happen?

Thursday 1st August - Sale at the church - Went fairly well but not many people in, we did have a lot of 'new' stuff this week which always helps.

Friday 2nd August - a super day - I felt that I was to get off the bus early and go to TK Max, that prompt didn't let me down, I was there the right day and picked up a set of American Craft Knock out punches something I've been admiring and fancied having for quite a while.  I also got a 12x12 pad of Amy Tangerine Yes Please papers  (like these but single sided 48 sheets of 24 patterns)
That was a good start to the day. I then went into town and Carole's Craft have re-opened but in a far better location in the Brunel Centre hopefully they will be able to get more customers there.
Met up with Neil for a coffee and a chat, and just walking down afterwards to catch the bus I met a friend who brought me home in her car. Ended the day with a play with my new craft material and did this page from my trip up to see Helen and family
Helen and I in Leeds for a bit of Mother & Daughter time without the children. (really enjoyable too)

City Break

Saturday 3rd August - an easy day - a trip to ASDA along the lane and the lane didn't disappoint, the sun was warm and the butterflies were abound

DSC02672DSC02687 DSC02688DSC02671

Sunday 4th August out to lunch with Neil Gemma & Rufus also Rufus's other Nanny & Friend. The Castle and Ball in Marlborough - really nice Sunday roasts and pleasant surrounding.

that's all for now folks

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye