Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As seen - White Bluebell

Tonight I am too tired to write much.
Just a brief synopsis of my day.
  • I tried to do a layout but it isn't going right.
  • Went into town got some photos printed for a friend
  • Bought a new case for my camera
  • Decided to get Slimming world magazine (I have put on too much weight)
  • Met up with Neil in Costas
  • Open the box of chocolates that Neil left on the doorstep on Sunday. Mistake I've eaten too many of them.
  • On the way home I saw the little clump of bluebells that grow at the end of the lane, there are more and more white ones each year.

  • Alli brought over the A4 set of drawer that she no longer uses filled already but it does mean I now have a small set empty, but for how long.
  • Vegged in front of the box
  • Done my blog and going to bed. Good night

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