Sunday, April 01, 2012

As seen - car wash

1st April, April fools day, and I think technology play the game too. I was all set to do the multimedia at church today, first of all I couldn't get the computer to open the programme I needed, secondly once I did get it open it wouldn't speak to the projector, closing the whole thing down again the computer spoke to the projector but refused to accept that it was kept coming up with a default file missing or something. I never did get it to work so we had to give out books. I am supposed to be doing it again next Sunday but feel very apprehensive about it.
On a more positive note I took lots of photos of my neighbour washing his daughter's car. He had been washing cars all afternoon, first his work car, then his daughter's friends, then his own and finally his daughter's, I should have gone out earlier with my camera but I did manage to get some good shots so this is my picture for today.

It's a pity he couldn't charge anyone for the work as he really went to town making a good job of it. I think secretly he was enjoying himself after all we all like playing with water especially when it come out with such force.

car wash 2Car washDSCF7325

today I am grateful for an understanding Pastor
and for meeting up with Trefor, a good friend who I haven't seen for a while

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Lizzie said...

Your neighbour is lucky you are not included in the almost nationwide hosepipe ban! He did look as if he was having fun though.

Shame about the church computer - perhaps someone could check it all over for you, before you start the next time?

Hope you have sunshine today - it's been mostly sunny here and it is lovely!

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