Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As Seen - Prawn Salad

Today I had to have my blood pressure taken again as it was rather high when I went to see the doctor two weeks ago. Luckily it has come down a lot so nothing to worry about.
I went straight from there into town and out again to Hobby craft, spend spend spend. I bought a lovely Martha Stewart punch

some stamps a set of little Really Useful Boxes for my ribbons, and one or two other things. A snack in Dunelm then back to town on the bus as I needed to get some more ink cartridges for the printer.
I remembered just before I was going to come home, that I needed a 7x5 print of a photo so into Jessops which meant a wait of an hour. by now it was lunch time and I fancied a M&S salad

I think this should really be an 'AS EATEN' it was very delicious.
Home again and I've been scrapping, using one of the stamps I bought today. Too late by the time I had finished to get a decent photo so I'll share it tomorrow.

Today I am grateful for a little retail therapy
for M&S as they do make exceedingly good salads
for inspiration to scrap

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