Friday, April 30, 2010


I have just uploaded a freebie kit, if anyone is interested Spring

Today I am thankful for God's creation in nature
for photo manipulation programme and the ability to use it.

10 days to catch up on

Oh dear oh dear I haven't blogged for so long, not sure where to start.
I have been scrapping a lot because we had a Cyber Crop on UKScrappers over the last weekend so perhaps I will start by putting some of my pages up. Well the ones I am pleased with anyway. lol

My grandsons are always a good start and I really enjoy scrapping them. First off Rufus as I am able to get millions (a little exaggeration) of photos of him

Cheeky Face

Next one is Benjamin at 1 month old, Helen has only sent me these three of him so am champing at the bit for more.

Ben @ 1 Month

and not to leave my No.1 grandson out here is the latest photo of him.

Budding Maestro

As I have said I have a great number of photos of Rufus here is just a few of the latest layouts

It's MY cuppa teaAdorable

and here is the last layout I have done this time another digital one

My Babies DLO

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

I collect cats........
Now there's an opening line, mind you I have only got two real live cats, but there isn't a room in my bungalow that doesn't have a cat of some kind in it. Oh I forgot the loft is probably bereft of cats will have to rectify that now won't I?
All my cats have names, if I can remember them, lol, and only yesterday my dear daughter in law gave me another one for my collection, a cat teapot and cup set; she had seen it I think in a car boot sale and knew how much I would appreciate it.
Now to think of an appropriate name.... mmmmm ...... perhaps TEAFAL yes perfect.

The criteria for this week's challenge on UKScrappers was to scrap something British well what could be more British than a nice cup of Yorkshire tea, so without further to do I took a photo of my lovely gift and produced this layout

Afternoon Tea

I have decided to do this layout as a hybrid to fit into my little treasures album. So I printed off the patterned paper along with the journalling and the 'franking stamps', onto thin card and the photos onto photo paper, the fluted circles I managed to cut from some cardstock (I have a little fluted punch) and together with some cat embellishments I produced this

Afternoon Tea Hybrid version

I am thankful that the weather is really spring like now.
that I have had a good afternoon with my grandson
that I can now relax and scrap the evening away.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Scrapping Sunday

Today I have sat and scrapped away to my hearts content. It has been a weekend of Cyber Cropping over at Shimelle's and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. So without further to do here are the rest of the layouts I have digitally produced.

Happiness is..... was the criteria for this one

Happiness is 3 Darling Grandsons

My neighbourhood

Swindon's Queens Park

Using my own handwriting on a digital page. This was fun to learn how to do thanks to a great tutorial from Shimelle

Sleeping Beauty

Today I am thankful for learning new skills
and a lovely lamb steak I had for dinner today

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Grand day out

I have had a grand day today. I decided that the weather was just too nice to stay in so I took myself to Queens park in the middle of town. So easy to get to and with camera in hand I enjoyed myself no end. I even managed to get a decent photo of myself by putting the camera on a rock and sitting down on a lower rock which was just in front of the little lake with a willow tree for a backdrop.
I took lots of close up photos of the plants arrayed in their spring clothes, the Canada geese and the fountain playing in the middle of the lake.

I have also been doing some scrapping challenges Shimelle has a cyber crop this weekend and have managed three of the layouts all digi of course.

A Grand Day out
A motley crew
Sunshine Yellow

Today I am thankful for sunshine
a camera I love to use
and managing to get a decent photo of myself

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well I haven't updated my blog for quite a few days, so thought it was time I came in here.

Lazy day, didn't even go to church but I just had a day to play. I started another paper and glue 12x12 layout but was really struggling with it, so left it, until I got more inspiration.
Couldn't watch any TV as I was still waiting for the Freesat to be fitted.

This morning I had hardly got out of bed before my two cats had made themselves at home on it luckily I had pulled the duvet over but not straightened it at all, still it was worth a photo or two as it is seldom that they are both asleep in the same place. This week's challenge on UKScrappers criteria was 'white space' colour combination that included white red and black among other choices, use the word time somehow and use circles. Immediately I thought of the photos I had just taken and the title of Time sharing came to mind. How quickly this layout came together was amazing

Time Sharing

My daughter in law phoned and asked if I could help with Rufus as she had pulled a muscle in her shoulder, we met up at ASDA and had a coffee in Starbucks before tackling the shopping. Then of course we had to have a look at the children's clothing section and I ended up buying an outfit for all three grandsons.
Later at Neil and Gemma's new house I looked after Rufus while Gemma put a few more things in some sense of order. The trouble with moving is getting straight again afterwards and no sooner had she cleared the under stairs area than Neil came home with more stuff from the old place and filled the space up again.

Finished the layout I had been fiddling with since Sunday and although not brilliant I am quite pleased with it.


Phone call from the engineer who was to fit my freesat saying he would be with me between 12 and 2 how nice to have such a short waiting span which meant I could go out in the morning and enjoy the sunshine.
A lovely walk down the back lane, taking photos of fresh growth in the hedgerow, ending up at Starbucks again (addicted or not?).
Home to a cry for help from my neighbour, she wanted to put together an scrapbook album of some of the photos of her Dad who had just died and the funeral was the following day (today). I managed to do 9 quick layouts that will need journalling etc at a later date but she was pleased with them. Don't think I have ever done layouts so quickly.

I needed to go into town for some bits like double sided tape and glue dots etc because we have a Cyber Crop coming up and I don't want to run out. Of course I spent more money but only on essentials like scissors, really sharp 7" ones and printer ink because I must be getting near the end of this cartridge.
Got home to find a card through the door the postie had tried to deliver a parcel, my Mystery Kit, and couldn't I would have to collect it, so annoying as the sorting office closes at 2.00 pm, about half hour later my neighbour knocked on the back door the parcel was given to her instead of being taken back so that will save me a trip. Tis a lovely kit so now need to put on my thinking cap and come up with an idea.

Today I am thankful for No rain although it has threatened
lovely neighbours
super duper kit

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Out all day

Yes I have been out all day, didn't expect to be thought it would only be this morning at the crop, but my son phoned me up while I was there and asked me if I would like to go over and help them, as they are in the throws of moving house.
He picked me up from the crop and I have spent most of the afternoon playing with my grandson.
I only managed one layout at the crop this morning because I spent so much time fiddling around to see what I wanted to do with it. Never mind it is the first paper and glue one I have done for ages and the first one for my newest grandson's album.

Born to be Loved

and this one is for the first page I just wanted to do a pure white layout because it seemed perfect for a very new arrival.


Today the weather has been absolutely gorgeous warm and sunny. When I arrived at my Son's Rufus was asleep outside in his recliner high chair so sweet I had to take a photo or two.

Today I am thankful for meeting up with my cropping friends
having time with my family
the lovely weather of course

Friday, April 09, 2010

A real cool dude

We do take some funny photos of our children sometimes. This one I think most parents have in their collection somewhere, so when Rufus's photo appeared on facebook wearing his mum's sunglasses I couldn't resist the temptation of doing a layout of it. Poor kid his expression seems to say Mum do I really have to wear these silly things.

A real cool dude

Today I am so thankful for the warm sunshine
for a good mooch around town
and of course a little stash buying (just ribbon and bling)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

52 in 10 -Treasures in my home

What a lot of little thing I have in my home that bring back pleasant memories or are very pleasing to look at or touch.
I have been making an album of the things that are 'My little Treasures' nothing of much monetary value but oh what a wealth of memories, delights and sentiments they all hold. This one I have also done for this week's 52in10 challenge.

The journalling says it all
The treasures around my house are many, nothing of value but precious to me.
John and I found these strange wood carvings in a little curiosity shop in Falmouth. We both fell in love with them and decided that they would be our souvenir of this holiday. A holiday that was really a convalescent one for John after his second hip operation

Strange Creatures

I have also done done it as a paper and elements layout 6x6 for my little treasure album. It is a hybrid version as I printed out some of the bits because I wanted to keep it very similar to my digital one.
Strange Creatures

Today I am thankful that the parcel I was expecting came in good time
I was able to attend the funeral of the father of people who come to the sale on a Thursday.
The weather showing signs of spring at last.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Scrapping is fun House work is not

I should be doing the housework but somehow when I reached my craft room the cleaner stopped working and I ended up on the computer. Tut tut, still never mind as someone just pointed out to me the housework will still be there tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

I have so many lovely photo of my grandsons and of course my new grandson will need to have his fair share of layouts so here is his 'Brand New' one

Brand New

Today I am thankful for warmer weather
Time to sit and rest
Three lovely Grandsons and all the photos I have of them

Monday, April 05, 2010

Lazy Monday

What are bank holidays for except to do your own thing. Today I am being very lazy, still in my PJs and scrapping away.

Before I could really start scrapping I had to find a mouse. One of my cats, Sammy, brought it in last evening I managed to make her drop it but although I did grab the poor little thing it jumped out of my hand and scarpered. I really didn't know last night where it was and half expected to wake this morning to entrails. But I didn't and Sammy was very anxious to get into my bedroom so I assumed it was in there. Didn't much fancy having a dead mouse rotting away in the place so what to do? in the end I let Sammy show me where it was, under my chest of drawers apparently, so carefully moving some bits it ran out and Sammy pounced. Again I got it away from her and managed to release it this time into the garden where of course I took a couple of photos of it

I have done the weekly challenge on UKScrappers another layout of one of my grandsons, this time Rufus as he was 7 months old yesterday. Where have these past 7 months gone doesn't seem any time since he was born, yet he has grown so much and is a lovely lad, rather like his father at the same age, but very unique in a lot of ways. His best aptitude is his ready smile. Because I was away nearly three weeks I thought it would take him a while to remember me and smile but it took no time at all.

the Criteria for the challenge was to use the sketch provided, use things beginning with the letter 'B' do some distressing as a technique and Journalling

Bright as a Button

I enjoyed the challenge so much I have done another one

Family Image

Today I am thankful for a lazy bank holiday
for catching and releasing the mouse alive and kicking, hopefully to enjoy a full life
having such a wealth of photos of my Grandsons

Saturday, April 03, 2010

52 in 10 My Home

I have caught up on 52 in 10, just in time ready for tomorrow's prompt
My Home

Friday, April 02, 2010

Digital Mini Book

Mini book? me? I can't do mini books, never know how to decorate them, too small, too fiddly.
But wait I have found a way. I can do lots of little pages digitally then cut them out and make into a mini book woo hoo so, following a class on making a mini book out of little pay packet envelopes here is my Nana Brag book of my newest Grandson.

Nana's brag book page 1

Nana's brag book page 2

Nana's brag book page 3

and here is how it makes up into a mini book


Today I am thankful for a brilliant Good Friday Service
The Lord who loves me in spite of all my faults
being able to digi scrap
A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye