Friday, August 31, 2007

!! Thank Friday its Crunchie !!

I have had a crunchie bar twice this week and remembered this old advert. I also wanted to say "Its Friday its 5 to 5 and its CRACKERJACK".(only it isn't 5-5). How many of you remember that I wonder.

Right enough meanderings; I went into town again today with my camera and I think I now have enough photos to make an album worth doing. Its amazing what you can find when you open your eyes then open them again. How many Swindonites have seen yellow strip light in Swindon town? Well here is a photo of them. I had never notice this before.
I rather like this photo too I call it orbital guard of honour not sure about that name though so if anyone can think of a better one please let me know.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday Wanderings

Hi folks, I have been wandering around Swindon today taking photos. I have always said that Swindon is not very interesting, so I thought that I would find somethings in the town centre that were worthy of snapping. I ended up taking 27 photos and with others that I have taken over the last 2 years I think I may well have enough to create a really nice scrapbook album.
We have an all day birthday crop on 8th September and I hope to make a good start on that album then, in the meantime I will try to put together kits with photos so that I will be prepared.

Here is just a taster of the photos I have taken today

I was also very naughty and spent lots of money on more stash (as if I didn't have enough) I bought two really nice vintage albums made by PaperMania one 12x12 the other 8x8 and have transferred all my heritage layout into them. Which of course gives me lots more room in the others so I will need to do several more pages which in turn means using up some of the stash I have accumulated.

Here is my Stash Buy for today

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lazy Bank Holiday

I have had a really lazy day today, just fiddling about on the computer, chatting to friends on UKS and doing two scrapbook pages. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and feel satisfied with what I have done.

I was going out for a bit of fresh air but never got that far, I got so engrossed in what I was doing that time just slipped away from me.

These two layouts were both from challenges on UKS the first was the weekly challenge set by Charli's Angels team and the second one is this week's Pencil Line Sketch 47

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I am throwing out a challenge to all scrappers who read my blog.

How about scrapping those scary/funny/silly photos that you take of yourself, or that others have taken when you least expect it and you don't look your best.

Here is one that I did the other day for one of the classes in the Summer Cybercrop on UKS

So come on scrappers, instead of pressing the delete button on your camera, download them and get scrapping. I would love to see what you come up with.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Search for My Mojo

My mojo went awol again today, have looked everywhere for it but it just wasn't coming out to play.
Have sat here for ages with not an idea, but thought that I had better get just one page done, so here it is, not my best but will pass muster at a push.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Well designed window.

I love design and I think the best window display of all the shops in Swindon is Monsoon
Today the colours of their window really caught my eye, so striking and vivid.
Back in December last year these two window made me stop in my tracks and get my camera out. I also went in and said how much I loved their display. I believe it is good to give praise where it is due even if unexpected.
I think I must keep my eye on this shop and see what else they can do to attract their customers. I only wish I could afford to shop there.

Lunch With A Friend

Yesterday, Tuesday, my friend Carol phoned me in the morning saying would you like to go out for lunch, I never miss an opportunity to be with friends if I can help it, so of course I jumped at the idea. She picked me up about 12.30, and we decided to go to the new B&Q first as Carol is moving soon and wanted ideas for her new property. We had great fun deciding on all the things she would do when she moves.

I saw some really lovely patterns in wallpaper and was about to get my pad out and sketch some of them, when Carol said take a sample, I didn't know that you could but apparently it's OK , so I ended up with lots of samples of some super patterns.

These are my interpretation of two of them
While we were looking at the bathroom setting I fell in love with this wash basin and cabinet, wish my bathroom was big enough to take it, I think I would have ordered it there and then even though I don't know the price.

We finally finished up at around 4.00pm having lunch. I had thoroughly enjoyed our impromptu outing.


Monday evening was Scrapaholics time. I had been challenged to do three layouts, tall order for me as I tend to talk more than scrap. Nothing went smoothly at all, the first layout, quite a simple one, I cut the paper the wrong way round to start with and that just through me out as I then couldn't get it right. I thought I had it all sussed as I had planned it out on a rough piece of paper first all I had to do was lightly glue that to the back of the patterned paper and I would be well away, but I forgot to reverse everything didn't I.

Never mind I did managed to get that layout done during the evening and started on the second one, but it didn't look right so in the end I only managed 1½ pages at the club, I finished the second one when I got home. So at midnight I thought I had better head for bed........ no way could I settle until I had at least laid out the 3rd page. Sandie had done me a really lovely sketch for it and I had it all buzzing around in my head. It was 1.30 am before I hit the hay.

Of all three pages I think I prefer the last one Finding you, the sketch for this was done by my friend Sandie but others seem to prefer the 2nd Elegance this sketch is Pencil Line 46. Cherish is my own sketch which Sandie ended up doing as well. We both did the same three sketches but check out her blog, they are all three so very different, that's the beauty of sketches.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yes I got soaked today!
Didn't venture out at all yesterday so thought I ought to get some fresh air and also to do the little bit of shopping I needed. So got on my bike and cycled down to ASDA; was only just sort of spitting then.
First stop Borders to see what magazines were in and I found a treasury there not 1 not 2 but 3 scrapbooking magazines that I hadn't got. So up into Starbucks for a leisurely mocha, muffin and an easy chair. Super one of my delights. I only managed to read one mag and two or three pages for another before I decided that I really must get my weekend shopping and head home.
That was when the heavens decided to open and gave no sign of stopping so it was a rather wet journey home and its a good job I don't have to use main roads as I could hardly see my glasses were so wet.
But there is always a silver lining I now have three magazines with lots of inspiration in them.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I had a great day out yesterday. Friends from Derbyshire were down this way visiting the sister of one of them, so they got in touch and we met up in Winchester, which was only 1½ hrs train journey away for here.

I hadn't seen them since our holiday in April so we had a lot to catch up on. They met me from the station and we headed in to town, first stop coffee in God Begot House (wish I had thought to take a photo).

We then headed for the cathedral, there was a railing around the area with a gate in it half open, so we went through, walking across the grass, no sign to say we mustn't. When we got to the other side we could not find a gate open to exit but we noticed that most people were walking around this area. Someone came up to us and said had we entered by the gate at the other end, "yes" we replied "was it open?" "yes" " you will have to go back that way and will you please close if after you we are keeping it shut because a tree may fall on someone".

Cautiously we made our way back looking at the trees to see that we were not in any danger.

Eventually we arrived at the entrance to the cathedral and went in. There was to be a guided tour at 1.00 pm so we had a quick look around and waited for the tour. The guide was very interesting obviously really enjoyed the building herself and pointed out things we would not have seen on our own.

Here are some of the photos I took in there.

The font is made of Black Tournia Marble and depict St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) giving money to a poor father to save his daughters from a life of druggery.

These two stained glass window show King George V and King George VI with Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you every catch a glimpse of a stranger in the street and they remind you strongly of someone you know.

There are days when I am walking or cycling along I see something in the person ahead of me that makes me think of a friend, something in their walk or the way they carry there head, just little things, I take that as a signal to pray for my friend, I don't necessarily thing anything is urgent but just they perhaps they would like a blessing from the Lord today.

On a similar vain, in this photo of me, the camera caught a fleeting moment and when I saw it I realised I looked like one of my friends from the Ladies club. Although the photo was taken at a wedding of a friend 3 years ago I have only just received it. It is one my son in law took it and has only just given it to me.

So yesterday evening having been inspired by another person's layout I did this one. The words on this layout are small and you can't read them so here they are:-

I was shocked when I got this one of myself
And saw that I looked like someone else.
In this photo I look like Rose,
But I know its me because of the clothes.

When did I change to become like you?
The face, the hair, the laughter too.
But the camera caught me in this pose,
And that is why I look like Rose.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Thought that title was a lot better than the one a few weeks ago. Too hot for me to be outdoor too much so have sat and done some more digital layouts this weekend.
Think I am on a roll and have been inspired by some I have seen in Creating Keepsakes an American scrapbooking magazine that I always try to get. Borders order in two or three each month, and I love that as I can buy the magazine and then go upstairs to Starbucks and have a mocha and a muffin and read all the print off the paper. (tee hee)

Family was a pure scraplift from one of the adverts in this months mag the photo is of my Father (far right) and his mother, brothers and sister, it must have been taken in about 1920 and the stamped embossing is King's Studio Bognor. This was fun to do as the original was a paper and element layout and I did it completely digitally

Curbar Edge was inspired by a layout called Bliss by Gabrielle Pollacco and again is a digital layout.
This last one I did today part of a challenge that my team, on UKScrappers, set. The photo was taken in 1985 when we had our first holiday in the lake district
A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye