Saturday, April 21, 2012

As seen - Hailstones

On Tuesday when I bought a new case for my camera I got a voucher from Jessops for 50 prints free, so I sorted out what I would like printed and dashed into town, unfortunately I couldn't pick them up today will have to go in Monday for them. Back via ASDA because as usual I need more cat food. found a bargain 48 packets for £10.00 not bad, should last about 12 days. home again and I thought I would do some more of the challenges from last weekend managed to do 2 (they are here if you want to see them)

We are in the middle or maybe only at the beginning of a drought but most of this month we have had quite a bit of rain. Do hope it helps the situation. Today I took this photo of the hailstorm, didn't use my new tripod didn't have time to get it out so the photo is a bit out of focus but still worth recording

today I am grateful for free prints
for a nice afternoon scrapping
For Saturdays (I love Saturdays)


Jimjams said...

Definitely worth recording - I was trapped in my car by hail the other day - strange strange weather!

Sian said...

Free prints are fun! Much nicer than printing off on the computer - there is still nothing to beat opening up a fresh packet of pictures

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