Monday, April 30, 2012

Shh don't let it hear

The sun came out today, it was really lovely and it was warm

I had to  whisper that bit cos it might have heard and gone away again.
Today I have done some washing and got it dry
I've made an attempt at some house work (note attempt didn't get very far)
I started to design a couple of papers to print out and use (reason for the note above)
I did the weekly challenge on UKScrappers
1st Day
I had the door wide open in the conservatory while I was scrapping
The cats were able to go in and out without me having to keep opening the door
After I had done the page I took a chair and a cuppa out into the lane and sat and watched the world go by, after taking a photo or two.
My picture for today has to be this one
Today I am grateful for the warmth and sunshine
for a pleasant afternoon

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Well we may be in drought but I doubt it the streets are rivers it just can't get away quickly enough

The rain it raineth all the day
The water rises can't get away
the drains are blocked
the trees are rocked
buffeted and beaten
but weather man keeps repeatin'
Well that's enough of the weather in fact we have all had enough, but at least it is good to stay inside and scrap scrap scrap.
I did go to church this morning, but if I hadn't been doing the multimedia and had the flower to arrange I probably wouldn't have ventured out in such dreadful conditions.
So glad I did go it was a good service and I felt as though I was in the right place.

This afternoon I scrapped I did one of the challenges from UKScrappers, this one was to use a very large photo. and made that the most dominant feature so very little else. except a free cut top to the page
Simple Pleasures IRL 
My picture for today is my two 'erberts' being all nice to each other one moment but as soon as I turn the camera on them they start fighting.
Today I am grateful to the Lord for making me be in church this morning
for another afternoon of scrapping
for having all my stash/crafting/papers etc in a very accessible place

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yummy food day

Today has been a yummy food day. This morning for breakfast I had crumpets, both with marmalade (I wanted to keep the mushrooms for this evenings meal)
At ASDA I bought myself a pecan Danish pastry and some cappuccino coffee to enjoy when I got home.
I had an over ripe banana so made a banana & Cranberry all bran loaf, an experiment that has worked very well.
Tonight's dinner was Smoked gammon steak and chips with Mushrooms, red pepper, peas and baby sweetcorn absolutely delicious
Recipe for Banana & cranberry bran loaf
1 cup of all bran
1 over ripe banana mashed
half cup of preserved cranberries
2tblsp sugar
1 cup of milk
1 cup of self raising flour

Put all the ingredients EXCEPT the flour into a bowl and cover and leave for 1 hour
add the flour, mix well and pour into a greased and lined loaf tin
cook for 1 hour at 180°

I have another page to share with you my grandson No. 2 again
Adorable 2012

today I am grateful for yummy food
for peace to do my own thing
for my scrapping friends who are just a computer screen away.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wet Wet Stay indoors day

Another very wet day, so glad I didn't have to go out. I've enjoyed another day of scrapping, but at least I got dressed this time.
I did do the bedding wash and hopefully now it is dry enough to put back on the bed. I do have other duvet covers but this one is my favourite.
I had a little inspiration lunch time and I mixed spreadable cheese with some chopped cranberries, spreading this on crackers and it was delicious so that is my picture for today
I have been playing with making my own washi tape again today, this time printing it out on the computer.
I sprayed a sheet of A4 typing paper with repositional glue and carefully stuck tissue paper to it removing as many of the creases as possible. I then chose a pattern to print. One sheet was covered is chevron patterns the other a mixture of different ones.
and finally here are the layouts I did using the home made washi tape Play time Feed us this second one is a scraplift one from 2 Peas Memory keeping Monday by Lisa Truesdell

Today I am grateful for a productive day
for a comfortable home
for inspirations and ideas

Thursday, April 26, 2012

As seen - Cause and effect

It's Thursday,
It's the sale at the church,
It is exhausting work hence
Cause and effect
ok I know I had to set up the 'effect' side of the picture but it is what I did for most of the afternoon, I think it is more to do with the fact that I am fighting a cold but not entirely, for some reason the morning spent doing this is very tiring.
But saying all that it is a worthwhile enterprise and one I am pleased to be part of. We have been doing this now for 8 year and I was in it from the very beginning. We have supported the work our friend Jeremiah does with the aides orphans he has adopted in Keyna and to date we have raised over £56,000 which has helped to feed, clothes and educate the boys. So today I am grateful to be part of this project for Ann who started the whole thing and for her friendship

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

As Seen - PJ day and scrapping day

I had a PJ day today, after yesterday which, though I really enjoyed it, was a long day and I ached when I went to bed so I needed a day not doing very much.
I have scrapped though, after fiddling with lots of bits and pieces like making my own 'washi' tape out of coloured tissue paper. I stamped it and cut it into strips then sprayed repositional glue on the back. I found I was able to roll this around an old cotton reel and it would still peel away to enable me to tear bits off.
I also made some little flag paper clips. Having seen them on 2Peas site for a ridiculous price for just 6, it is only a little bit of patterned paper shaped and wrapped round an ordinary office paperclip.
I used both these on the layout I eventually made.

 This page by Lisa Truesdell was my inspiration

this is what I came up with
Captured on Webcam

 I promised some photos from yesterday so here they are
DSCF7631 DSCF7667 DSCF7680
and of course I had to have some baby birds and here is the smallest, a baby moorhen probably only just born
and a family of goslings

Today I am grateful for a day of relaxation
and that my cold seems to have not developed at all

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

As seen - What about the geese

Today has been a good day, a busy one as I went with my blind friend to Slimbridge the wetlands wild life trust centre. Lots of birds of course but also otters and amphibians. I will be sharing some of the photos over the next few days but today I am really too tired to write much but really want to share this photo as it made me smile
Today I am grateful to my friend for inviting me
for a good day
and for managing to dodge all the rain.

Monday, April 23, 2012

As seen - New Mugs in Starbucks

I just wanted to make a quick dash into town and back to ASDA for a little bit of food shopping. The weather was the pits this morning so left it till this afternoon. I used the morning to start the weekly challenge on UKScrappers.
Well my quick dash was anything but. I got to Jessops to pick up my free prints to find they hadn't done them. In fact they thought I had already had them. So I went for a coffee in Starbucks to give them time to complete my order. I do like their new mugs, much nicer to drink out of

Did the Asda shop and just missed my bus back but at least I can sit in comfort and watch for the bus from the Library.

I finished the layout for the weekly challenge. The criteria was a sketch
scrap a man in your life
different alphas
rik rak

D is for Driver

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shimelle's challenge No. 6

I have another page from last weekends challenges over at Shimelle's blog this challenge is to take a page that someone else has done and put your own twist to it.
I chose to use one of the examples

this is what I did
F is for family
I have a photo of all my family (except my brother) taken two years ago. Not a time that went according to plan but it is distant enough now to be able to scrap it with some feeling of enjoyment attached. I seldom get all my family together, my daughter lives up in North Yorkshire and my son and his family here in Wiltshire so this was a rare occurrence.

Today I thought I would have an afternoon of scrapping and maybe I would get a few more of the challenges done from last weekend. I went to church as usual this morning and while I was there I had a phone call from Neil "we are going to Marlborough would you like to come." Of course I would as long as I can stay till the end of the service, a special one as we had two adult baptisms today. Neil picked me up outside the church at 12.30 and we spend a very pleasant afternoon dodging the rain and eating in the Castle and Ball.
so I think my photo for today will have to be Rufus again as I love how he is growing into a super little lad

today I am grateful to an impromptu outing
for the lovely service this morning
for still managing to scrap another challenge

Saturday, April 21, 2012

As seen - Hailstones

On Tuesday when I bought a new case for my camera I got a voucher from Jessops for 50 prints free, so I sorted out what I would like printed and dashed into town, unfortunately I couldn't pick them up today will have to go in Monday for them. Back via ASDA because as usual I need more cat food. found a bargain 48 packets for £10.00 not bad, should last about 12 days. home again and I thought I would do some more of the challenges from last weekend managed to do 2 (they are here if you want to see them)

We are in the middle or maybe only at the beginning of a drought but most of this month we have had quite a bit of rain. Do hope it helps the situation. Today I took this photo of the hailstorm, didn't use my new tripod didn't have time to get it out so the photo is a bit out of focus but still worth recording

today I am grateful for free prints
for a nice afternoon scrapping
For Saturdays (I love Saturdays)

Shimelle's challenge No. 12 and 14

Still ploughing my way through the challenges from the weekend I have been so enjoying them.
If you want to join in there is still time to complete some of the challenges, so pop over to Shimelle's blog and see what you would like to do.
Here is my take on the one photo twice
Artist at work
I have done this sort of page before but always digitally so it was good to realise that I could still get the effect with printing the photo out faintly on textured card in black & white.
I have also taken Shimelle's tutorial on how to use busy papers and used one for my background

I've also completed challenge 14-4 sections
No ordinary moments
this could also double up as challenge 8 because I got out two of my butterfly stamps, I can't remember the last time I used them. which is a shame because they are rather pretty.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back again

I haven't blogged for nearly 3 days, Wednesday I really had nothing to say and the only photos I took were of my layout for the weekly challenge on UKScrappers. I struggled with this one. The criteria was to scrap a birthday, use a colour to represent weather use 4 of something and use old papers.
the old papers was a doddle I have very few new ones. Something to represent weather had me puzzled I tried grey paper as the background but that was so dull and not befitting of the happy face of my youngest grandson at his birthday party tea. Using 4 of something was also a obstacle because I always add odd numbers never even number of anything.
Well I eventually managed it
Chocolate Face
I changed the grey paper for the lovely bright stripy one (the only new thing on the layout) added a 4th cupcake to my little group that I created a while back and used 4 brown papers (instead of 5)

Yesterday I felt so tired after the sale I slept for about and hour and a half, waking in time to go down to the dr's. She took my blood pressure again and it was high so now have to have a 24hr monitor at some time, will get a letter apparently.
One nice thing though from the day was I have been given a lovely tripod, a really good one with a level incorporated in it and it is light enough to carry around but sturdy enough not to get knocked over too easily.
so Thursday's picture is

taken in my nice tidy organised conservatory/craft room

Today I have had my Grandson No.2 (my son's boy) for the afternoon. We have had fun feeding the ducks and going to the library. He is a joy for me to have as he is invariably good for me, perhaps that's because he doesn't see me as much as he does everyone else.
my picture for today is Rufus in the Library drawing the picture from the book we have just read. He so enjoyed that and insisted that I drew as well so joint effort

Isn't it lovely how children have no inhibitions when it come to drawing and are so pleased with whatever they produce

today I am grateful for Grandchildren,
for a time to be young again with them

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As seen - White Bluebell

Tonight I am too tired to write much.
Just a brief synopsis of my day.
  • I tried to do a layout but it isn't going right.
  • Went into town got some photos printed for a friend
  • Bought a new case for my camera
  • Decided to get Slimming world magazine (I have put on too much weight)
  • Met up with Neil in Costas
  • Open the box of chocolates that Neil left on the doorstep on Sunday. Mistake I've eaten too many of them.
  • On the way home I saw the little clump of bluebells that grow at the end of the lane, there are more and more white ones each year.

  • Alli brought over the A4 set of drawer that she no longer uses filled already but it does mean I now have a small set empty, but for how long.
  • Vegged in front of the box
  • Done my blog and going to bed. Good night

Monday, April 16, 2012

As Seen - work space

I am really pleased with myself today. I have worked hard and managed to really bring order and space to my craft conservatory. I can see the floor, I don't have to step over things to get to what I need. I have all stash put in sensible places away in drawer but accessible the storage drawer unit I bought yesterday does take all my papers and card stock though the off cuts I've had to put in the other drawers, but these are now out in the conservatory where I do all my crafting so I don't have to keep going backwards and forwards.

I even managed to tidy up the lounge though I still need to dust and hoover in there.

This evening I did the layout that has been sitting on my desk all day waiting to be put together. It is another of the w/e challenges from Shimelle Put it in a pocket.
I was glad to use up these two papers as they have been in my stash for so long I'm not very good at using such busy patterns and the colours are not really my choice but they seemed to be perfect for our colourful apparel and the photos have a natural dark frame which helps them to stand out from the papers.

Green Buttons Retreat 2011
the pocket contains a few more photos and names of the retreaters plus details of the venue
It would actually meet another of the challenges to use two contrasting pattered papers but as I seldom do pockets but often use two papers I thought I'd use it for this one.

Today I am grateful for the energy to keep going, several times I felt like stopping but I didn't.

Shimelle's Scrapping weekend

I've done another of the challenges from Shimelle's scrapping weekend this time we were to take inspiration from this layout by Wilna Furstenberg
I love the idea of a panaramic photo but the first thing that caught my eye was the line of circles and half circles. Looking closer at the page I noticed the scattered butterflies so used the scattering idea on my page but with buttons
Having a large area of wall in the photo seemed a good place to add the title so did that on the computer before printing the photo. I used 3rd Man font
Ben and his daddy

I'll be back later with how my day has gone.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

As seen - Storage

I've been out all day, church first of all then out with my neighbours to Costco. I got myself a 10 drawer 12"x12" unit, the drawers aren't really deep enough for all my papers but ideal for all the boxes of bits I have around I think next time I get another if they are still there. So my storage problem is gradually being resolved.
My picture for today has to be the storage unit

Today I am grateful for such lovely neighbours
for being able to afford to indulge my hobby without feeling the pinch
and enough to give away when I feel it is right to do so.
and the discovery of a box of chocolates on the doorstep when I came home (from my lovely son)

Shimelle's Scrapping weekend

I'm still playing along with the Scrapping weekend organised by Shimelle and it is not too late if you would like to join in as the deadline is next Saturday.
Here is my page for the 4th challenge which is to use Grey & Yellow with one other colour I chose to use green
Spring in the Autumn of my life
this page was roughly based on sketch #196 by Nicole Nowosad of Creative Scrappers do check them out they have some super sketches and amazing examples

I'll be back with more later

Saturday, April 14, 2012

As seen - Golden

this morning I was at a scrapping crop. This afternoon at a 50th wedding anniversary do at the church. The couple celebrating their golden are two of the longest serving members of our church, and it was lovely to see all their friends and ours that have been part of our church in the past and now gone on to other churches.
my photo for today is the cake

and while I was at the church I took the photo that I should have taken Thursday so here is Thursday's picture as well

I have done another page tonight but it is too dark to get a decent photo so will show it tomorrow.

today has been a busy but enjoyable day so I am grateful for that
also good to be in company all day. Thank you Lord for old friends and new.

Shimelle's Scrapping weekend

challenge No. 2 to use papers and embellishments from different sources.

Well that was not difficult for me as that is what I am always doing. The difficult part was finding the names and as most of the papers I used were scraps I didn't have many, in fact just the two the stripy one is from New Leaf by Mindy Terasawa and the first paper at the top of the page is by Autumn Leaves the rest are old and I don't have any names but I do know that they are from different sources.
Birthday Boy
btw the page isn't creased at the bottom it is a shadow. :(

Friday, April 13, 2012

As seen - Thyme

I went food shopping today, and outside Asda they had racks and racks of plants, I bought a thyme (apart from rosemary, which I have already, that was the only herb they had) I got it as far as the bed I want to plant it in but it is still in its pot not sure when I'll get round to digging a hole for it still it's a start.

Today I am grateful for a lovely page to scraplift
and the fact that it is only Friday and not Saturday as I kept thinking

Scrapping weekend

There is a scrapping weekend over at Shimelle's place not a frantic must get done in a given time, but a nice relaxed one and we have till not weekend to upload to her site.
The first challenge set by Jaime Warren and is a scraplift challenge of this lovely page

here is my page
Love You

I used several different papers from different sources so that would do for the second challenge as well, but I will do another page for that challenge
the bkgd pp is Laundry Line by My Minds Eye (also the chipboard bracket)
Semi circle pp is Pink Paislee's Autumn blossom Amber Road collection
the photo mat pp is Campo by 7 Gypsies
butterflies are from a sheet by BoBunny Gabrielle collection
Title alpha is Cosmo Cricket.
few gems and a few flowers to finish it off

I also want to share the layout I was fiddling with last night, this morning it came together quite quickly so walking away from it yesterday and reviewing it afresh today did the trick
If at first you don't succeed

I'll be back later with my picture for today (and yes I have taken one)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

As Seen - Not seen

Oh dear, what has happened I forgot to take any photos, not a single one.
The sale went OK this morning though it seemed very quiet we did still take over £100. Not many people in and not many to help pack up, but it all went back into our tiny room satisfactory. (perhaps I'll get a photo of that room sometime and it will be today's photo.)
I slept this afternoon as I was so tired again
didn't feel like cooking and I did fancy a curry from the takeaway across the road so that was my dinner.
I have made a start on another layout, this time of my Son's son. Grandson No.2 but it isn't finished yet.
And that was my Thursday.

Today I am grateful for having a very local takeaway

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

As seen - Ribbons ribbons and more ribbons

I've had a day of sorting, mainly ribbons the boxes I bought yesterday are what I want to keep all my ribbons in, but if I am to keep them all in these boxes then I need another set most of the boxes are crammed full and could do with splitting up a bit, so I might have to get two more set but I will have to do that a bit at a time.
so my photo for today is Ribbons

ribbons and more ribbons

I'll also share the layout I did yesterday.
My daughter told me that Danny rode his bicycle to school and back again the other day and declared it Pedaltastic so of course I just had to use that for the title
I wonder how long it will be before Ben want a bike too. Apparently he sat on it after they had dropped Dan off at school and wanted to be pushed back home on it. It must have been a bit backbreaking for Helen

today I am grateful for having got a bit more sorting done
A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye