Friday, April 20, 2012

Back again

I haven't blogged for nearly 3 days, Wednesday I really had nothing to say and the only photos I took were of my layout for the weekly challenge on UKScrappers. I struggled with this one. The criteria was to scrap a birthday, use a colour to represent weather use 4 of something and use old papers.
the old papers was a doddle I have very few new ones. Something to represent weather had me puzzled I tried grey paper as the background but that was so dull and not befitting of the happy face of my youngest grandson at his birthday party tea. Using 4 of something was also a obstacle because I always add odd numbers never even number of anything.
Well I eventually managed it
Chocolate Face
I changed the grey paper for the lovely bright stripy one (the only new thing on the layout) added a 4th cupcake to my little group that I created a while back and used 4 brown papers (instead of 5)

Yesterday I felt so tired after the sale I slept for about and hour and a half, waking in time to go down to the dr's. She took my blood pressure again and it was high so now have to have a 24hr monitor at some time, will get a letter apparently.
One nice thing though from the day was I have been given a lovely tripod, a really good one with a level incorporated in it and it is light enough to carry around but sturdy enough not to get knocked over too easily.
so Thursday's picture is

taken in my nice tidy organised conservatory/craft room

Today I have had my Grandson No.2 (my son's boy) for the afternoon. We have had fun feeding the ducks and going to the library. He is a joy for me to have as he is invariably good for me, perhaps that's because he doesn't see me as much as he does everyone else.
my picture for today is Rufus in the Library drawing the picture from the book we have just read. He so enjoyed that and insisted that I drew as well so joint effort

Isn't it lovely how children have no inhibitions when it come to drawing and are so pleased with whatever they produce

today I am grateful for Grandchildren,
for a time to be young again with them

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