Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas pudding stir up

Saturday I decided would be Stir up day and time to make the Christmas Puddings. This year I wasn't going to do them on my own, I had a little helper. Rufus came over with his Daddy and he and I made the puddings while Neil sorted my paperwork.
I left some of the bread for Rufus to grind to crumbs and some of the weighing of ingredients and of course the big stir up with wooden spoons and the Christmas wish/blessing.
Neil took some photos for me and of course I have made a page for my Christmas Season album with them.
Pudding Time

While Rufus and I were busy Neil sorted out all my paperwork that I just stuff into the sideboard cupboard, he thought it was going to be a far more mammoth job that it was too. It is so nice to have it all sorted and tidy again.  (should have taken a before photo but I didn't)

Pudding cooked, smell and taste delicious, well the crumbs sticking to the side of the basins do. Wrapped and now in the freezer along with the turkey, duck & pheasant. Christmas is coming.

Today I made a start on packing for my trip to see my daughter and family in Skipton. Also wrapped the presents I have already got that have to go up there, the rest I will get when in Skipton which saves having to transport them.

Today I am grateful that I have such a loving family

Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Season

Goodness me a month has gone by since I last posted. It is nearly December and time to start my Christmas preparation. So that means starting my Christmas season album.
I have decided to go for a 8x8 size this year and I'm hoping that I can fit enough pages in the one I already have, I still have to decorate the cover but I have made a start.
My first page is my shopping expedition to ASDA for the pudding ingredients plus so extra goodies
Shopping for Christmas Goodies
As I hadn't made up my mind what size when I bought this years papers my pad was only 6x6 so I am going to make the background pp myself for several (if not all) the pages

Hopefully tomorrow I will be making my pudding, this year I will have a little helper, Rufus is coming over and we will be mixing and making a Christmas wish/blessing as we stir the lovely fruity mixture.

Today I managed to get Andy's present and also Danny's, Ben's I will get in Skipton when I go up next week and Helen wants clothes so that will be easier to do up there too.


I have done a couple pages of my newest grandson Eli but as yet I don't have many photos of him
First Cuddle
Eli 3 days old
I've also done pages of Rufus this one is a double page
321 lift off (DLO)
to make it easier to see here are the individual pages 
321 lift off (lhs)
321 lift off (rhs)

another page for last years Christmas Season album
Birthday Meal

a couple for my Florida album (yes I am still adding to that one)
What a difference a Hat Makes
Florida's Great White Alligator

and three taken last June/July when I was last up in Skipton with my other two grandsons and my Daughter and Son in Law of course.
Funny Face
Kick around up on the Rec

finally I did this one for this week's challenge to use no patterned paper a photo that wasn't people or pets & a cluster of embellishments.
Morning Sky


today I am grateful for a successful shopping expediton
for the sunshine this morning as I sat in bed and watched it rise in my mirror
and for the start of the Christmas season

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