Monday, September 24, 2012

Very Poorly

I was very poorly yesterday, had a bug of some sorts but very violent so didn't post anything but I had done a Learn something new page for Saturday and also the Counterfeit Kit challenge neither of which I photographed till this morning.

The CFK challenge 2 was to take inspiration from a favour character in a book or film which stumped me for a while then I realised I do have a favourite TV programme which I seemed to be addicted to even to seeing the repeats of repeats. Poirot, I love the character and I love the programme so here is my interpretation of it.
My John
Poirot is a very dapper slightly portly gentleman, John was certainly portly and did like to dress smartly.

the design comes from the opening titles

The buttons are made from kraft card and heat embossed. they had to be square as Poirot didn't like curves everything had to be exact and crisp cornered.

and the end titles I used for the title tag and embellishment

can you see the similarity?
for Learn something new I went off prompt again just sharing my thoughts on what it means to have someone to go for a walk with


I'll catch up with myself when I feel well enough to sort out something for Sunday's Learn something new.


Sian said...

I can see the similarity! That's clever

I hope today you are feeling very much better

glorygirl said...

Goodness, yes! I can see the similarity. Quite striking, really. Loooove how you interpreted the challenge!

Sassy Breese said...

Very well done. I am sure that anyone familiar with the show, would get the connection. And I will watch for this show when I am surfing.

Sassy Breese said...

Oh, and I like the leaves and flowers and "outdoorsieness" of the second lo.

Jimjams said...

Fab pages Mary - glad you are feeling a bit better now!

Margie said...

Beautiful pages! I loved seeing your inspiration for them!

S said...

Oh I am a big fan of Poirot - I have them all on DVD and watch them again and again. I, of course, recognize those graphics and love how you incorporated both into your page - very clever. I wonder if Poirot knows what color creative brains cells are?

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