Sunday, September 09, 2012

Learn Something New

Today we are thinking of how we learn from others. Listening to what they say, sharing our concern and love. I've learn so much over the years how a group of people from different backgrounds can be family. Today looking around the church before the service started, listening to the buzz of conversation. I just felt the love that was there. I took this photo

I wish I had taken a more panoramic view as this was only half of the building. By the time we started all the seats were full

So here is my page for LSN today.


Lord I want to thank you for the love that we share. For how you have placed us in family given us folk who care for us and will pray for us when things are hard and rejoice with us when things are going well.


Anonymous said...

Mary what a lovely page and a great sentiment

Summer Sunflower said...

A great page Mary, love the theme that you have used, The colours are gorgeous!

humel said...

Oh yes, so true - our church family is so important :)

LCSmithSAVED said...

Oooooo...these are so pretty! Rudi looks like you were practicing an inking technique on him with that coloring - looks like doodles :~)

Shirley said...

It is really reassuring to know that the love we all need can be found within many people we meet and can truly call our friends and family.
A lovely lession to learn today Mary.

Lynne said...

Amen xxxx Praise the Lord for He is truly good.xx

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