Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random items

It's Thursday morning and the alarm goes off at 6.30am I dress half asleep, the only day I actually get dressed before having a cuppa.
It's the sale at the church on a Thursday and today it's going to be different. The decorators are in painting the main part of the building so we can not use that at all, we need fine weather as the stalls will not be able to be rushed in if the rain comes. Praise the Lord he always know what is needed and the weather has been brilliant. People rallied and we served coffee and tea in one of the upstairs rooms had the stalls out the front as usual and the clothes and odds and ends that are normally indoors we had out the back of the church. Normally that area has cars on it but not today. We still managed to take over £100

The sky this morning early well 7.30ish was not all that promising but worth a photo if only on my phone camera.

I had made up several kits complete with photos to take away for our scrapping retreat next weekend but I was itching to use at least one of them, so difficult to have them there waiting. I succumb and here is what I did

What have you seen Muffin

I had run out of 'f's so I carefully cut the waste part from the sticker sheet and used that

Tonight I've had a curry from the takeaway across the road, yummy but the beef was a bit tough, which reminded me that is the reason I usually have chicken curry.
Coming back into the back lane with my dinner I found lots of conkers still in their outer shell, there is no horse chestnut around that area so someone must have dropped them. Bringing a few home I opened them up and aren't they beautiful when newly hatched. Like polished wood

Not even thought about Learn something new yet but will not post that until tomorrow at the earliest.

today I am grateful to the Lord for the fine weather
for everyone pitching in and getting the sale underway


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the kitty cat layout and, wow, what beautiful gifts of nature!

Tricia said...

Such a sweet page. I love how you improvised and used the negative in your title!!

Jimjams said...

Gorgeous conkers - love the patterns and the light on them. Well done on adapting your letter waste - it makes the page more fun than ordinary letters. Love the hexagons and buttons.

S said...

Love your layout - nice job on cutting your letter outline. Great photo there too.

glorygirl said...

Your layout is beautiful and it sounds like your day was as well! Gifts from the Lord start to kind of day!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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