Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ramblings from a tired mind


I didn't finish it till this evening and now I have to think what on earth I have learnt today?

Today has been busy, the usual Thursday morning sale up at the church. Jeremiah was with us this week, over from Mombasa, so we had a shared meal afterwards. By the time I got home at about 2ish I felt that tired and exhausted that all I could think of what having a snooze, and this time in bed. I did dose for about an hour and a half but I had one cat on my chest one beside me on the bed and the other on the floor. Not as restful as it could have been. Not sure that there is a lesson there.

First of all I never tire of taking sky photos this one taken this morning at 8 o'clock
and is my 'as seen' picture for today

secondly with Jeremiah over several of the folk who come regularly to the sale wanted their photo taken with him. So I was official photographer for the morning. I did try and take myself with Jeremiah not sure the result is all the at good but at least it is a record of the day

why do I always look so strange when I take myself while holding the camera?

This evening I tried to take photos outside at dusk, not very successfully but at least I tried.

Best of all how about this still life yummy

I've discovered this lovely ginger one and will have to get it again real pieces of ginger in it.

Today I am thankful for Friends, for Hobbies, for being alive.

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humel said...

Oh yum, ginger chocolate! Lovely page, and I'm sure you'll find a lesson from today :)

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