Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My lesson for today

I'm on a scrapping crop on Saturday and soon will be going to a weekend retreat two in fact two weeks running so have to get lots of kits and bit up together. The first retreat I have to travel by train so really do need to be well organised as obviously I can't carry too much stash with me.
I've made one kit up complete with a photo and was trying to print off some more photos but all I was getting was red prints. My printer says that the cyan is low, but not that it is out, and of course that is the one cartridge I don't have. Very frustrating.
I will have to nip into town after the sale tomorrow and get one. Just hope that is the reason and that nothing has gone wrong with the printer.

Last year one of my entries for LSN was that I have way too much stash, and yes I still have way to much stash. But without a photo I just can't use any of it

My lesson today just has to be I'm stuck without being able to print my own photos. I know that I could get them done at the shop but they only print 6x4 or 7x5 and as I very seldom use those sizes and if I do I never use the whole of the photo which makes it imperative that I get my printer working properly.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

today I am grateful for having a printer and a computer to play withuse for having lots and lots and lots of lovely stash
for a comfortable home and three cats to keep me company
for books to read for plenty of variety of food to eat
for nice clothes to wear
for two eyes that see two ears that hear two legs that get me around and two arms and hands that enable me to create nice thing.
I have so much to be thankful for that the niggles are as nothing.

Goodness that has put everything back into perspective
I pray that you may find the blessing in your life today
see you tomorrow


I did do a page for today, I thought if the lesson is have spare inks then I need to do a page without a photo so here it is


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