Monday, September 17, 2012

Iced up

Good evening my blog friends. Today I'll tell you a tale of woe, a tale of procrastination that led to a long long job.
I have been putting off defrosting my freezer for so long, but as it had got to the stage that the ice was forming in the fridge part I knew that I couldn't put it off any longer.
Luckily I have a large chest freezer in the garage so was able to put everything in bags and pop them in that one.
I kept out all the little bits of food servings and put them all into a saucepan with some extra vegetables and that made a great soup, never to be repeated but I have enough for another two days' lunches.

I knew that ice was forming in the fridge but hadn't realised how badly

This lump had formed itself around a jar of home made mincemeat that didn't get used last Christmas.

So, what is my lesson for today? Don't leave it so long next time. lol


Hopefully now it will work far more efficiently

I'm going to try and make Mondays my day to tackle these sort of jobs that I know need to be done but just push to one side.

I did manage to do the weekly challenge from UKS today too so not all bad news

We had a sketch to use and I've kept very close to it this time
we were to use several shades of pink
all scraps
and lots of bling

Summer's Swan Song

Looking at the layouts I've done recently you wouldn't think that as a child and young mother too I hated pink and wouldn't dress Helen in it. I chose turquoise instead and then people would say "what a lovely little boy" grrrrrrr. Now days I love pink and wear it quite a bit.

I am thankful for finally tackling the freezer
and for still having scrapping time.


Jimjams said...

Well done - always an easy job to put off - we generally wait until the freezer door no longer closes!

Love the swan song page - is there hope for me yet with pink?!

humel said...

Brilliant! I once worked in a pub kitchen and was asked to defrost the freezer. I discovered a whole fish (a trout I think) so deeply buried in the ice at the back that it hadn't even been visible before I started defrosting...

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