Friday, September 21, 2012

Learn Something New - Chocolate & Monochrome

I was so tired yesterday that I just couldn't think what I had learnt, in fact I still don't think I had learnt anything but I had enjoyed a chocolate feast so I went with that thought for my page


strangely enough it almost fits the thought for today's challenge which is to allow yourself a 'do again day', a day that goes wrong, we pick ourselves up and start again the following day. I also had a little play to make the book page rose.

Today I read how we have our own style, in scrapping, in the colours we like and therefore how we dress. Well my style of scrapping is monochromic or at the best 2 colours, and I find it very difficult to break away from that. I also have trouble scrapping in my favourite colour Purple yet I wear it a lot, I love wearing it, it's a rich royal colour and I feel regal in it, so why can I never scrap in that colour? all I can think is that I can't find any papers I like printed predominately purple, well that is my excuse anyway. So my page for today is monochrome in shades of sepia, I even turned the photo of me sepia and cut me out from the background (that is something new for me). I really had fun with this.


Today I am grateful to the two, no three nice drivers that stopped to let me cross a busy road (twice).
I'm also grateful to having a takeaway fish and chip shop 2 minutes from home.


humel said...

I really like your chocolate page - but I *love* your second page! :)

Sian said...

I really like that cut out - very effective.

I'm like you - I wear purple (it goes well with our hair, doesn't it!) but I can't scrapbook with it at all

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