Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn in the lane

It has been a lovely day here in the South of England, it has been a real north south divide though as the further towards Scotland you get the wetter it has been.
After my two days of confinement I just had to get out it the air for a walk before the weather changed.
I took my usual route down the back lane ending at ASDA and of course Starbucks.

Along the way I saw signs of Autumn.
This red admiral stayed put for so long I was able to take lots of photos of it.
The berries thick in the hedgerow and the ivy heads prolific this year, but no hops
and my picture for As Seen today just has to be these two doves they made me think of the Christmas song Two Turtle Dove, (but no partridges in pear trees)

Such a lovely walk and then a quick nip into ASDA for bread and cat food, two essentials, then across to Starbuck to sample their new Pumpkin spice Latte, very nice, not too spicy but a lovely flavour, I'll definitely have that again.

Home again to do yesterday's Learn something new, all about provoking thoughts and as Helen asked me, only yesterday, if I would make up a little album for her of photos of her Dad (My John) so that the boys could see and that she could look back and remember, this was so right for the day.


As I type the rain has arrived with a vengeance and it has gone very dark.

Today I am thankful for the lovely walk, for being fit again and for being indoors snug and warm now that the rain has come.


Sian said...

Beautiful Autumn pictures..and thoughts. I really enjoyed your thoughtful comment on "views" today.I hope it didn't leave you feeling too sad x

Jimjams said...

Lovely photos Mary though the butterfly one makes me feel a little sad - butterflies seem less energetic towards the end of the season :o(

Love that Helen has given you a new project - the best kind of scrapbooking!

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye