Friday, September 28, 2012

Little bit of this and a little bit of that

I did yesterday's page for Learn something new this morning, I was just too tired last night. It just had to be the conkers with there lovely glossy pattern. I learnt that even when there doesn't appear to be any reason for it except for our enjoyment God does the extraordinary. The patterns seem to have no benefit to the horse chestnut but God put them there anyway.


My toaster went wrong the other day, it wouldn't stay down so the only way to use it was to hold it down. This is a little bit inconvenient especially when I'm trying to cook a fried egg for breakfast. So a trip into town to buy a new one seemed a good idea. I also had run out of photo paper completely, (well I did have some 6x4 glossy but I really am not a lover of glossy, reflects the light too much).
I got my paper and it was buy any 3 and get the cheapest one free so have ended up with a 6x4 7x5 and A4 should now be well stocked up.
I did get a toaster too so all shopping done I phoned my son to see if he was available for a coffee. Yes he said give me a little while I text when I'm coming down.
Time to pop into Paperchase then, and I am a sucker for the cutsie, I bought these little pencil top roller stamps, and some pretty stickers too. (that's the trouble with having to waste some time lol)

When I unplugged my old toaster and put the new one in it's place I thought I would just try it again before confining it to the dust bin and guess what...... Yes that's right it worked. So that is my Learn Something New for today. I should have unplugged the toaster and given it a shake and replugged it in and tried again all before spending money on a new one.


I love taking photos of my cats and tonight it was Rudi's turn and he is my As Seen for today

Today I am grateful for a Son who finds time for me.
and for getting the extra photo paper

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