Sunday, September 02, 2012

Learn something new - Teachers

Today's prompt is to think of the 'teachers' in our lives, well my school days are so far back into the dark ages that it is only little snippets I remember (see my Story telling Sunday story)
I think my first and probably foremost teacher was my father, he had such patience with me when I was struggling with maths or when I wanted to do what he was doing, he was my role model.
The second person I remember being and influence was my form teacher when I was about 12 or 13. She was another one with patience and always had time for each child individually, she was the one who taught me to find good in every situation though it has taken me years to learn that lesson and still is an ongoing one.
Today my lesson has to be 'When you make the effort, you reap the reward. Who teaches me this? My Father God


My 'As seen' photo the other day was my lovely blue boots

they just had to have a page of their own. I started this yesterday but couldn't get it balanced right, then this afternoon I realised I needed another photo. so I went searching for this boot refresher that I have had for years and years and never use now. I placed it in my boots but it wasn't quite big enough so I hung the boots up perfect finish for my page.

Blue Boots

the colourful label at the top is one of those cards that shops stamp 'buy six and get the 7th free' came from Marks and Spencer and is for greetings cards

And my 'As seen' for today? well it just had to be .....

and guess what it's a cat, Bootsie seemed an appropriate name for him,Perhaps I ought to have him out and in use, after all I don't seem to have a cat in the hallway, well real ones yes but no stuffed or ornament ones.

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AlliR said...

Fab LOs Mary, and Bootsie is cute. At least he shouldn't bring you any presents!!

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