Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Detailed and simplicity

I've been working on a page today with quite a lot of fiddly bits. The Counterfeit Kit challenge this time is to use some old unloved stash, something that you have had a long long while but has gone out of favour with you.
I knew exactly what I had to use EYELETS goodness they became a no no with me ages ago as I just didn't seem to be able to use them without either squashing the front too much or not getting the shank to bend over.
Do you know in this layout I've used (let me go and count them) 15 of them and not one has misbehaved.
Dressed for Best
I also brought out of retirement my Silent Setter that I found just the other day.

the tags I made from the example that Jemma (Jimjams) gave thanks Jemma I really like these.

Today for Learn something new we have been encouraged to do our page in a simple way. I was quite pleased to see that the patterned paper I had put in for today was one that had quite a bit of detail already printed on it so a simple page would still look complete.


and the story....

I love my walk down the back lane to Asda, I've said that more than once, but I truly do get so much out of the pleasure of seeing what is around.
I had eaten lunch before I decided to go out (mainly because I was working on that first page) so desert would be the blackberries I could pick and eat as I walked along. I thought as I reached for the first one 'I must avoid the stinging nettles' oops too late I got stung. Always the scrapbooker/blogger I just had to get a photo of my leg too near to the dreaded weed lol

I love the blue blue colour of the sky at this time of the year. It's a different blue to spring or summer, a deeper blue

I also had a little play with arranging leaves that were beginning to turn. Copying Rinda's idea Thanks Rinda

Today I am grateful for the continuing fine weather, for blue skies and changing leaves


humel said...

Great layouts, Mary :) I love the detail on the first and the story behind the second is painful but interesting!

S said...

What great fall colors and nice fiddly bits, as you call them. I must start to use some of my eyelets in a wholesale manner too. Thanks for the nudge.

glorygirl said...

I cannot get over the exquisiteness of your first layout! It is gorgeous! The colors, the photo, the elements. Wow!!! Great work!

Jimjams said...

Great tags Mary - on a lovely page. Does this mean you might start using more eyelets now?

Margie said...

Beautiful layouts-and I love the tags you made & the misting!

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye