Friday, September 07, 2012


First of all here is my page for thankfulness


The title sticker is a downloadable freebie from Scrapdolly
and the cats stamp is a giveaway from Rinda Thank you Rinda I love this stamp so perfect for my cat layouts

Today we are supposed to be thinking about our in between times, time when we are travelling, going from one place to another. I have found this so difficult to sort out so instead I am going with two things that have been a little different today.
For my breakfast every morning I like to vary it, sometimes having cereal and sometimes bacon and egg, or mushrooms on crumpets. Today I went a little bit different and discovered another breakfast that I will surely do again.
Take an English muffin slice in half and lightly toast
Dry fry a lean rasher of bacon and two mushrooms (this is just for one person)
when they are practically cooked add a tablespoon of tinned chopped tomatoes (don't mix)and heat through, spread the tomato onto the muffin halves put the mushrooms on top and the bacon to one side.

this was absolutely delicious and just thinking about it now is making my mouth water.

This afternoon I decided to go into town, I did need some paper clips, the coloured ones and that was my excuse for going, as if I needed an excuse.
I just missed the bus at my usual stop so decided to walk up the hill and catch the bus at the top, (a bit of exercise is good for one) this meant I caught a different bus than usual and get off at a stop nearer to the shops. Walking through I arrive at Paperchase, one of my favourite browsing/shopping shops. They have a new line of yummy stationery called Time Flies, somehow I managed to spend money as well as time in there today.

I bought a few other bits and pieces elsewhere, then onto my favourite haberdashery shop for ribbon & buttons

a very pleasant afternoon indeed

today I am grateful for the lovely Indian summer we are having
for finding nice things to buy
and finishing the day with a takeaway curry (yummy) and no cooking


Shirley said...

It ia amazing what you can buy when you go in search of paperclips Mary. A lovely haul.

humel said...

Ooh, I love pretty stationery!! I bought some myself today, from Tesco - looks like I need to check out Paperchase's new range too! Great page, by the way :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I noticed the stamp right away! I'm still trying to figure out my lesson for today.

Missus Wookie said...

I like the haul from Paperchase and the breakfast is similar to one we make here. If you like pesto try it with a smear of pesto underneath... delicious too!

Wookie tells Princess 'just because it is just cheese on toast doesn't mean you can't make it more!'

Those cat stamps are just such a nice addition!

Jimjams said...

I know it's hard to ring the changes when you're just cooking for one ... that breakfast looks great! Glad the shopping was good!

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