Thursday, September 30, 2010

LSNED - Weather - Cameras and Macro photos

What did I learn today?
  • This morning on the way up to the church at 8.00am the mist made the street look like it was back in the 1900s the sun shining through the mist gave the appearance of a sepia world
DSCF7943 DSCF7942

  • It was the sales at the church as usual on a Thursday. We always do well but somehow whenever Jeremiah comes over (he is the head of the orphanage in Kenya that we collect for) we seem to do even better.
  • I was to take photos of anyone who would like theirs taken with Jeremiah and he also asked me to take some on his camera which is identical to my own so no problem downloading on to my computer all that was taken this morning by both cameras

  • This evening I went outside to take the photo of the street again from the same place to see the difference and discovered a strange phenomenon the sky was lit up in the direction that the sun usually rises I thought I had lost 12 hours never notice that before. 


  • I am so glad I have a camera that can go from zoom to super macro without having to change lenses
 DSCF7968 DSCF7970


Melissa said...

Love those photos of the morning mist!

scrappyjacky said...

Those first 2 photos are stunning.

humel said...

I love all the photos - especially the misty ones and the mushrooms :-)

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