Sunday, September 05, 2010

Early Morning

Good Morning everyone I have been out into the lane (still in my dressing gown) and taken photos of what I see. I am still amazed that I can find new thing to snap but then I shouldn't be because the natural world never stand still, and God paints the sky afresh each morning.

Yesterday Dolly posted three things that she learnt that I could echo exactly
. Impromptu days out are often the best
. When you have no expectations you are usually pleasantly surprised
. I never tire of taking flower pictures

I had a wonderful impromptu afternoon yesterday and yes I will post some photos at some time, but I need to sort them out first.
I didn't really have any anticipation for Yesterday just that I needed to get some photos of Rufus on his birthday
I never never never seem to tire of taking flower photos


Well now it is time I got dressed and breakfasted. I'll be back later today with I hope some photos but for now I'll just say Have a great day, and even if life is hard try to find a silver lining

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