Thursday, September 02, 2010


Today so far has been a day for sky photos. On Thursdays I have an early start so was up and dressed by 6.30 this morning, and when I went outside I saw the sun begin to rise above the houses at the bottom of my road. So, of course, I grabbed my camera. and in the space of two minutes I had snapped these four photos with the sky looking so different as I moved across the expanse.

Later as I was coming home midday I could see the moon still visible in the clear sky, but unfortunately my camera didn't really pick it up very clearly though I can just see it if I zoom in
Moon at Noon

Well as I have taken the sky this morning and again at mid day thought I had better take the sky this evening. Trouble is because of the houses it's not as easy, I can't take it from outside my bungalow I have to go down the road and over to the green opposite, and even then the houses get in the way still did manage to get one showing the sun kissed clouds



Jimjams said...

Beautiful contrasting photos Mary - just goes to show what we can see when we venture away from the computer.

humel said...

Oh, beautiful :-) I love skies!

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