Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sometimes we learn good news sometimes we learn not so good things
  • I function much better after my early morning cuppa

  • I had to get a taxi today - the fare was not as much I thought it would be
  • Menu and venue as brilliant as usual - The devere is changing hands, hope the standards don't go down

  • I am beginning to realise I am getting old - too many wrinkles around the eyes

  • Close up photo's of me are not flattering.

  • I have mojo and inclination to do a paper and elements layout - but I have no energy 
  • Scrapping with paper and things is more physically exhausting than scrapping on the computer.

Here is my layout for yesterday's lessons learnt.
18th Making Flowers

Today I am thankful for a lovely meal out with friends
being able to scrap with paper and things, as my table is free from all the clutter 

Something to amuse you from an email I was sent today 

The Importance of exercise:

Walking can add minutes to your life.
This enables you at 85 years old
to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing
home at £2,000 per month.

My grandpa started walking
five miles a day when he was 60.
Now he's 97 years old
and we have no idea where he is.

I like long walks,
especially when they are taken
by people who annoy me.

The only reason I would take up walking
is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.

I have to walk early in the morning,
before my brain figures out what I'm doing..

I joined a health club last year,
spent about 250 quid.
Haven't lost a pound.
Apparently you have to go there!.

Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise',
I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

I do have flabby thighs,
but fortunately my stomach covers them.

The advantage of exercising every day
is so when you die, they'll say,
'Well, He looks good doesn't he.'

If you are going to try cross-country skiing,
start with a small country.

I know I got a lot of exercise
the last few years,......
just getting over the hill.

We all get heavier as we get older,
because there's a lot more information in our heads.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Every time I start thinking too much
about how I look,
I just find a pub with a Happy Hour
and by the time I leave,
I look just fine.

You could run this over to your friends
But just e-mail it to them!
It will save you the walk!


Photographing Mom said...

The flowers are beautiful, along with your page!!

humel said...

Thanks for the giggle :-) And I love your page - and all the flowers! xx

scrappyjacky said...

The flowers are gorgeous....a lovely thing to learn....and the poem certainly brought a smile.

Karen said...

A beautiful LO Mary and those flowers are really gorgeous :)

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye