Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Poem and LSNED

  • I love going into Paula poet blog and reading what she has penned for the day then adding to it in comments box.
Yesterday I added this
Bacon butties Sunday treat
    butter melting good to eat
    coffee in my cafeteria
    sit in comfort time to spare

    leisurely shower then get dressed
    not casual clothes but Sunday best
    walk to church, meet with friends
    then stroll back as morning ends

    Dinner cooking smells divine
    lay my tray it's time to dine
    put my feet up rest a while
    Sundays are days to make you smile

  • I have been told that dark chocolate is good for you and you should eat some everyday - any excuse to have chocolate eh? lol 

  • I have so many digital layouts to print off, having my laptop in the lounge and printer the other end of the bungalow all summer very few have been printed over the last four months 

  • Vegetable risotto is just as yummy as a chicken one, and so quick and easy to do. looks colourful too

  • I can't buy a dress that fits properly cos I am a size 12 at the top and a size 14 over the hips so have had to go for separates. still they are coordinated 
  • I couldn't resist another skirt
  • I have no room in my wardrobes, I need to cull.
  • My signature colour is purple, but I find it so difficult to scrap in that colour

here is my layout from yesterday's observations I chose to scrap my wrinkles

19th Wrinkles


scrappyjacky said...

Another great poem,Mary.

Photographing Mom said...

Your page is AWESOME!!!!!

Sarah C said...

Love your poem and LO as much as I love vegetable risotto and that's a lot :D xx

Pippa said...

Love the poem Mary, and Sunday's LO!

Karen said...

A great poem Mary and another gorgeous LO :)

humel said...

Love the poem, and mmm risotto and chocolate! (Maybe not together lol...) The layout is fab xx

Lizzie said...

Risotto, mmmm....
Cool poem too!
By the way, I dispute the statement about you having too many wrinkles round your eyes, because they look like laughter lines to me!!

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye