Monday, September 13, 2010

Reading Late into the night

Last night I read till silly o'clock. 
It was quite a shock 
to realise this morning 
that the day was passed dawning.
The light through the curtain
made me know for certain
I was late to arise.
S'pose that's not a surprise, 
for the book I was reading
was very appealing
and I read for ages
till I turned the last pages.

What have I learnt through the day
  • I love making silly rhymes
  • I should have gone shopping in the morning before it rained 
  • I should have gone shopping full stop
  • It is getting colder needed to put the heating on
  • Don't like the fine drizzle it penetrates right though you
  • I love to complete the weekly challenge on UKScrappers on the day it is set 
challenge criteria Chocolate colour, circles, obsession/guilty pleasures
Love McVities Choccie Biccies

  • I don't know what to scrap for today's LSNED again
  • We are going to have a new pastor at long last, tonight we voted to invite Paul and his wife Katie to come the vote was 100% so pleased.
  • I don't think my meal tonight agreed with me.
  • I still don't know what to scrap for today, will have to leave it now. Still not feeling too good


humel said...

I hope you feel better after a good sleep xx

(Love your little rhyme - I often read till silly o'clock when The Doctor's away, I need him to remind me of the time!!)

Amy said...

I'm also guilty of reading till all hours!
Take care Mary, I hope you feel better soon :-)

scrappyjacky said...

Once I get into a book....can totally lose track of time as well.Love your rhyme....and hope you're feeling better.

Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

Wishing you better - and do tell what book you were reading that had you up so late!

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