Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LSNED - and two layouts

  • I love having my hair done at the hairdressers

  • The magazines at the hairdressers this week were full of inspiration for me to use in my digi kits

  • head massage is great
  • I spend too much time on the computer - not a new lesson one I am constantly reminding myself of 
  • Except for the first few days I haven't followed the prompt
  • I have enjoy/am enjoying this class
  • I procrastinate tooooooooooo much should have finished parcelling up some goodies for my Skipton family but it is still sitting here waiting for me to do so. 
So to my two pages which I have done today

26th Imperfections


27th Wet Weather Walk

  • I also learn how to make me appear to be walking out of the frame.


Photographing Mom said...

Awesome pages!!!!

Jimjams said...

Amazing self portrait Mary and I love the journalling about imperfections.

Karen said...

Two gorgeous LO's Mary and I just love the colours of those Autumn leaves, great photo's :)

Sian said...

I wish I could learn to love the hairdressers, I get very fidgety and want to run lol.

Your leaves are lovely, and I enjoyed your journalling today.

humel said...

I'm running out of time with my catch up but I've looked through all your other posts and thoroughly enjoyed reading about all you've learnt. Love the effect of you walking out of the frame! And I love the head massage part of a trip to the hairdresser, too :-)

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye