Thursday, September 02, 2010


Today I learnt that the moon can sill be visible at noon. So I have gone ahead and done a layout already.

2nd Moon at Noon

 I also took one of the 'crafty challenges' which was to make my lesson rhyme today
Title rhymes and so does the journalling which reads
I’ve seen the moon in the night when the stars are shining bright
I’ve seen the moon in the morning just as the day is dawning
But never before have I seen the moon in the clear blue sky just after noon
One of my friends told me, and I quote, "Well what you have learned today is you don't have the patience to wait til the prompt comes out" 


Gez said...

Wow! FAB LO. :) My son spotted the moon while we were out & about today too! Good luck with the class. Have fun. Gez.xx

alexa said...

Like your learning, your layout and your friend's comment!

humel said...

lol! Great layout, love how you've highlighted the moon within it :-) And while I am being patient and recording/scrapping each day's lessons the following day, I've usually figured out which lesson I'm going to pick well before the day is over...

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