Friday, September 03, 2010

Observations & Learning through your feet?

Isn't it amazing how often we take things for granted, and don't observe what is before our eyes. I had to go up the hill to the church early this morning and just opposite the school is a funeral directors they had put out the cones on the school side to stop parents parking there when they drop off their children, early funeral I assume. It made me think. In the midst of life there is death.



Today we are experiencing what we learn from our feet - well that couldn't have been more appropriate.

Yesterday I wore these little boots,
quite comfortable and I thought I would be OK on my feet all morning, after all I have worn them before and been on my feet a lot, but Yesterday, no, my feet were killing me by the time I got home and they didn't stop all afternoon, evening and even when I went to bed. The spur heal was back. So today I'm back in flat shoes with these inner built up soles.


Putting them on this morning they felt so strange as though I was walking on the inside of my feet rather than the whole foot, but after a very short while the pain went and the shoes felt really comfortable again. Do hope I have caught it in plenty of time so that I don't have to have an injection in the heel like last time.

and here is my layout of this lesson learnt
3rd Ouch

Journalling reads
Today’s lesson painfully learnt, don’t stand all day in boots with heels, even the wedge ones can make my feet ache. So grab a pair of flat shoes and insert the built up inner sole and forget about fashion and style for a day or so just go with comfort, a much better idea.


scrappyjacky said...

Have to agree about foot comfort...I've lost count of the number of pairs of shoes I've discarded because they just weren't comfortable for more than a few minutes...and, of course, you can never tell that in the shop!!!
But the boots look do hope you manage to 'wear them in'.

humel said...

I saw this layout on the class forum - love how you've incorporated the texture :-) Gosh, I hope your feet recover quickly! xx

Gez said...

Super, super layout. I love all the different elements. One thing I love about the September class is just how much more aware it makes me. Love your observations.xx
Hope your heel is a lot better today. I can fully sympathise as I am waiting for a cortisone injection in my left heel. :(
Have a lovely Saturday. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Gez.xx

Amy said...

Mary I have a great deal of empathy for you - I have the same problem and it can be so debilitating! This is a great page and I love the circle element :-)

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye