Friday, September 17, 2010


I have had a strange day, started off feeling that I really wanted to get back into IRL Scrapping, but to do so meant tidying up the bomb site both my craft room and the conservatory. started with the desks in my craft room managed to get 1.75 desks clear before I had to go out.

Into town to get my new glasses that was fine only there a short while, still trying to get used to them though.

As I was up the top of town thought I would go to my Son's office, brought coffees with me as a good will gesture lol that was at about 12.15. Neil said he was going towards my place if I wanted a lift, that was at about 1ish at 2.15 we eventually left his office. I could have caught the bus and been home by 1.30 still it paid off because I saw something that amused me and will be my page for today.
So to my list of things I have learnt today

  • I leave tidying up my craft rooms until it is a mammoth task - nothing new there
  • I feel like scrapping with paper and glue again haven't felt like that for such a long time
  • My new glasses are metal ones, never thought I would ever wear that kind, but they are so different than the old type
  • Neil is a terrible time keeper - nothing new there either 
  • I do love finding ordinary things in extraordinary places
  • I have enjoyed finding things in my craft mess that I have forgotten I had
  • If I don't put paper pages away they get in a mess and the photos fade

    17th The Clock on the Wall


    humel said...

    Great new glasses, Mary :-)

    And I love the clock - I love clocks in general - thanks for sharing xx

    Sarah C said...

    You look fab in your new specs :D

    That clock looks great. Love your page and looking forward to seeing some paper and glue pages in the not too distant future too x

    Photographing Mom said...

    Looking good in those new glasses!

    Your page is beautiful!! :)

    A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye