Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nonsense rhymes and other silliness

I just love the word verification words in Blogger they make sense there are verbs and nouns and adjectives and adverbs, enough for me to make a dictionary and do nonsense rhymes that make me laugh so bear with me a while and see if they bring a smile to your day.

Today so far I have used these words on the blogs where I have left a comment.

Upedly = pointing to the sky
Doglebil = a rare bird found only in the swamplands of  the Sahara Desert
Pidso = A lively bird found in cities
Uncensed = hurt, upset
Pallsina = and unkind or hurtful action
Paeatra = a open space, somewhere to walk in a city
Pindeci = an appendix, something added

Have you ever seen a Doglebil
With his enormous upedly  beak
Don’t  laugh at him he’d be uncensed
That’s a  pallsina so to speak

To walk along the  Paeatra
And see a Pidso bird
With his pindeci upon his tail
Now that would be absurd

  • I discovered today that Asda have two racks of Information leaflets, never noticed them before
  • I need a size 13 trousers, 12 is too tight over the hips and 14 is too big round the waist, why don't they make a size 13
  • Sammy is getting too good at catching wild things, wish she wouldn't bring them indoors
  •  I should have taken the dead bird away from her and not let her eat it (a fine mess she got me to clear up) urgggg
  • Why do I like making fun of myself, perhaps it's because if I do then I can't be hurt if others find me weird 
  • I think I am doing this challenge because I can't resist a scrapping challenge. and I enjoyed JYC very much indeed.
 I've gone with the needing a size 13 for my layout today

15th Size 13 Please


      humel said...

      Very clever :-) Sometimes the word verification seems so apt to the post, too!

      And I totally agree, there should be odd-numbered sizes for clothes... xx

      Sarah C said...

      that's why I usually wear jeans cos I can put a belt round to keep them up. As well as odd size clothes, 1/2 size shoes would be fab for those who need them xx

      Sarah C said...

      oh and ((((((huggles)))))) back at ya Mary xx

      Jayne said...

      love the pink in this page. there is definately something to be said for making ur own clothes!!! :)

      Photographing Mom said...

      Love the colours on your page!!

      A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye