Tuesday, September 21, 2010

LSNED - Clean my camera lens before taking photos

I woke to a misty moisty morning usually a good sign this time of the year that the weather is going to be lovely by 10.30 when I went out the sun was shining and the sky was blue streaked with vapour trails.
I took a photo of course and when I looked down about to see what I had taken I noticed the shadow that my bicycle wheel was making so had to take that as well.
  • Misty Moisty mornings in September usually mean a brilliant day once the sun has risen properly
  • The skies in September are a brilliant Blue

    • I've had a mark on my camera lens all day and it is visible on so many of my photo - Lesson learnt, hopefully, check the lens before you start.

    • They are doing more work up high in Swindon

      • There is a tree in the centre of Swindon which I call a runner bean tree, today as I passed the birds were singing away it sounded like a tropical rain forest



        • Rufus is getting good at posing for the camera

            • Putting my dinner under the grill to brown off the cheese and walking away, was not a good idea
              • Burnt cheese doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would

              My layout from Monday's lessons is about my new clothes
              20th Mary's New Clothes


                Pippa said...

                Love the LO colours! I love September mornings when there's a mist too, I live 1 mile from the sea and once the sea/hill mist has gone we usually have a sunny day.

                scrappyjacky said...

                I've had that happen with my camera as well!!

                humel said...

                Oh, dear - yes, I've had the camera lens thing! Some of my holiday photos were affected by a tiny smear of sunscreen...

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