Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy Busy weekend

Every now and then I seem to have a full diary for the weekend, when I say diary I keep all my notes on my phone so it will ring at me if it is something I might forget.

Yesterday was an all day scrap (as I have already said in my last post) we had three lessons starting at about 10.00am and finishing at 4.00 pm. Now to some of you three classes in that time would be a doddle you can scrap fast and produce lovely pages in next to no time. Well I can't I tend to fiddle too much and fall behind. Yesterday I kept up with it all, but boy was I exhausted by the time 4.30pm came.
Once home I needed to rest for a while, but I also knew if I didn't finish those pages off there and then they would probably stay in the box and perhaps never get finished. Well it took another hour and a half for me to finish all three and photograph them.

The papers in this kit were very delicate and had a small amount of glitter on them.
No Ordinary Moments
this is the one where we learnt to do these lovely flowers
No Ordinary Moments flower detail

In this second class the kit was from Scribble Scrabble and by wetting the edges of the double sided patterned paper you can roll it without tearing too much and it will stay put easily when dry (note to self must remember that trick)
A Fun Day Out
again we did some funky flowers very simple to do and fun. Tear a rough circle about 2" in diameter (helps if you draw one first then tear around the pencil mark) then tear down from the edge to give 5 or 6 equal petals ink the edges and then curl the corners of each petal around a cocktail stick or something similar I then rubbed my inkpad gently over the top of the curls. do another circle slightly smaller in the same way and place one on top of the other. take a piece of string and tie a knot in the end pull very tightly and cut off the excess tie another knot about half inch from first cut behind the knot to give you a piece with a knot each end this becomes the stamens do two more and place in the centre of the flower with a button on top
A Fun Day Out Flower details

the last class was a much simpler one though I think very effective because of the Lush flock papers by My Minds Eye.
Cake & Sword

Today I am out to lunch with TLC (The Ladies Club), we are a group of ladies who are all widows and it is such a lovely thing to have a meal together on a Sunday lunchtime when normally you eat alone. We always go to the carvery at the Devere, though when we started we would choose different venues but the Devere was always our favourite so that has become the usual venue.


Sian said...

That first layout is so pretty and delicate, I love it :)

humel said...

Gorgeous layouts - thanks for sharing the tips! xx

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye