Saturday, September 25, 2010

LSNED layout and My home town

My layout from yesterday learnings, there really wasn't any choice as I felt so grateful to Jan for the offer of a lift to our Wednesday crops.
24th A Friend in need

  • I have learnt this morning that it is possible to completely loose an email when trying to move it to another folder. Today's one has gone, vamoose, vanished into cyberland no where to be found. Luckily I had saved the prompt before I tried to move it
  • .On one of Jimjams LSN pages she has used this quote and oh how true I have found it............ ..........'if you don't know where you are going ANY ROAD will lead you there'                    

  • I'm glad I always carry my camera, if I didn't I would miss so much. I nearly didn't have it today, picked up the case and hadn't realise the camera was still plugged into the computer.

I love the town centre, the hustle and bustle.
The fun things to see, and what people do.
Gathering in groups around entertainers,
or meeting with friends under the canopy.
Buying of ice cream or a nice cup of coffee
Sitting and resting on benches of wood
There is always something to capture forever
in my camera's eye and later in a book
Life for the living enjoyment when I'm lonely
That's what I love about my home town

I know that Dolly nearly always adds a lolcat to her blog but today I just couldn't resist this one
  • Sammy has decided my laptop rucksack is a good place to sleep. Even if I stand it upright she managed to get it flat so she can sleep on it.

  • Rudi has commandeered both cat beds under the radiator

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