Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tuesday

The day after the bank holiday and guess what the weather is doing, that's it wall to wall sunshine. Think we ought to change the day for a bank holiday and have it on Tuesday instead. This so often happens

I phoned Gemma (my Daughter in Law) on impulse this morning, and she had a free afternoon so I went over to them. I haven't been since our holiday and I was beginning to wonder if it would be OK. Why do I worry so, I had a lovely afternoon.

Rufus was his usual cheeky self and I got a few photos not brilliant because he never stays still for long but they still show him as he is.

"Garden Nana get camera"

I was taken outside to find spiders they were all climbing over the concrete block wall

"Rue's camera" duly found and now Rufus tries to photograph the spider

Later in the Wendy house, what I don't have a photo of is myself inside this place, Rufus insisted I should go in but it wasn't easy to do so.

Then it was time to have his hair cut, someone came to the house to do it and after some persuasion and Mummy mints (you can usually get him to do something if mints are a reward) he sat still and let the lady cut it.
Again I tried to get some decent photos of the new haircut but I'm afraid these were the best of the bunch.

Later at the park,

and what can't be seen is me sitting on the other one of these at Rufus's insistence.

I stayed for dinner and then Neil dropped me home.

I have more or less finished the layout I have been struggling with for a couple of days but can't photograph it tonight so will have to show that tomorrow.

Today I am grateful to my DIL for dispelling my fears
and for a fun day with a cheeky lad.


Jimjams said...

We had better weather here today as well - typical!
Looks like you had a lovely afternoon - it's very special that you can see R so regularly, enjoy it.
The hair cut is an improvement too ;o)

Sian said...

Mary, that photo of him peeping out of the house? He's the image of you!

A place for me to put the pictures of layouts I have done that I am pleased with, to put in the poems I write and to add snippets of things that have caught my eye