Friday, August 24, 2012

As Seen - A ring for my son

Sunday will be my son, my baby's 40th birthday, where have those years gone. I wanted to get something really special for him as a keepsake and I know that he likes thumb rings but has trouble keeping them on but this one fits him a treat and he was chuffed to bits with it when I gave it to him today.

He said it was just what he would have chosen for himself I'm so pleased that I found the right thing.
I have been scrapping that photo this evening but it is now too dark to get a decent picture.

Is anyone else getting all excited about the Paralympics. I wasn't really interested in the Olympics, only watched the opening ceremony and finally saw the closing one on Iplayer. But the Paralympics has really fired my enthusiasm I think it is because of the obstacles each competitor has had to overcome before they are able to even think about competitive sport, where as the ordinary sports men & women are just doing something they are good at.

Each one of us can excel in our own field, we don't have to fight to be good at it. We do have to practice, we do have to use our skills, we do have to put time and effort into producing the best that is within us.

Today I want to thank the Lord for directing me to buy the perfect present.

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Jimjams said...

So glad he like it Mary - you chose well.
I am looking forward to the Paralympics - I loved the BBC coverage so I hope C4 does as well.

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