Sunday, August 05, 2012

As Seen - Picnic in style

Today we were to have a church picnic at Lydiard Park, but as usual in an English summer the skies had opened earlier and the ground would have been very wet under foot bums so the decision was made to stay in the church most of us either gathered around a table or on chairs with our lunch on our laps. One family, however, decided to picnic in style. Picnic blankets down on the floor and a good spread of eats to enjoy.

I've not done much else today except try and finish a layout that has been bugging me for 5 days now. I have eventually completed it, it's not marvellous but it will have to do because I really can't fiddle any longer with it. I can't take a photo tonight it is far too dark but will have another look at it in the morning and take the photo then.

Today I am grateful for my church family

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