Sunday, August 05, 2012

As seen - Muffin

Saturday 4th August
It's Saturday, it should be a good day, but I wasted it. I did manage to walk down the back lane, but saw nothing worth photographing, in fact the hollyhock that I had been watching was gone someone must have cut it down such a shame. I did get my food shopping but then forgot to go into Homebase to see if they had any hammocks. After that I sat and vegged in front of the box. What a waste of a day.
But I did manage to get a photo of someone with a ball

One of my mischievous girls playing with a ball made of stuffed tights, this was originally wound round with lots of wool but that has long ago been pulled off. I used to find trails of it all over the floor

Today I am grateful that I can just veg if I want to.
and I'm also grateful for my cats who don't mind if I do as long as I feed them and they have a lap to sit on

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Jane said...

I think we've all had days like those!!

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