Tuesday, August 21, 2012

As Seen - Mothday

I have two Photos for my As Seen, one of them really should have been for Sunday, but I didn't open the present until Monday so it is servicing as both days.
My friend had her family descend on her over a few days last week. Now when I say her family she has 9 children and umpteen grand children so a lot to put up. Her oldest son and his family, 4 young children and 2 young men and of course his wife were over from Mexico. Which meant the rest of the families wanted to see them. The eldest daughter and family of 4 children came down from the tip of Scotland, so I had the teenage daughter to stay at my place. Hence the present of a box of chocolates when they left.

Today I went into town to find a present for my son's 40th birthday which is on Sunday. I had in mind to get him a thumb ring. I had in mind to try Hinds I was successful on both counts.

On the bus going into town I saw and photographed this little fellow

(he was set free from his involuntary imprisonment)

later as I was coming out of a shop I saw this one

I also got myself some new underwear which I did need and avoided buy any autumn clothes, which I don't really need, mainly because I didn't see any I like that suited me.

Today I am grateful for a successful shopping trip

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