Friday, August 03, 2012

As seen - Night Visitor

A quiet day, I wanted to do some scrapping but my Mojo has gone walkabouts again. I did do some more towards the Christmas banner that is part of a swap for one of my teams on UKScrappers. We will exchange them at our retreat in October. Just a little sneak peek without giving too much of the game away

I was beginning to think I wouldn't get a photo for today, I did have a go on a swing but there was no one to take my photo. I did help a young daughter of a friend of mine to walk on stilts but again no one to take the photo. Then when I let the cats out this evening I heard a familiar noise and knew that the young fox was around. He is pretty tame and doesn't run off as soon as he hears people, unlike his parents so I grabbed my camera quickly and managed to get, with the aid of the flash, a reasonable photo

today I am grateful for a quiet restful day and for a wild life photo

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