Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday diary

Cat in the bedroom at 5.00am too early and how did she get there? can't get back to sleep so might as well get up.
look at what I had been fiddling with last night, embellishment clusters OK, need to find a photo, Kittens hugging that will fit the bill.
Oh I remember that Creating Keepsakes had a tutorial on how to make chevron paper, that should be good to go with the flower clusters.
Weekly challenge on UKScrappers was to try a new Technique from Cal's Technique Thursday on UKS I tried the faux Metal and also making beaded hat pins.
Use metal (in the hat pins)
Friends, well the kittens are friends sometimes.
cluster of embellishments
Patterned background paper.

We are Friends honest

Decided to cycle down to ASDA today, need the extra exercise but I really had too much shopping to safely cycle back though I did a little bit, down the lane.

This evening I went skittling with folk from church, enjoyed the fun of it and too photos of course.

today I am grateful for slightly cooler weather
for still being able to cycle
for fun evening.

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