Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday trivia

Thursday, an early start, well early for me up at the church having lugged my trolley loaded with books up the hill. Not so hot just pleasant today, perfect for being outside. Lots of customers, lots going on. We took a goodly sum today for we had a lot of new (to us) stuff in, a house clearance.

I was so tired when I returned home I got myself some lunch sat in the chair and promptly fell asleep, I think my Tuesday night of hardly sleeping had caught up on me.

What to use as my picture for the day, well the sun is shining, the daisies look particularly fresh in this light so maybe that ought to be my photo of the day.

As nice as that is perhaps I'll go with something else. I had a need this evening for a sweet sticky fix. so rummaging through the freezer for a magnum (which I didn't find) I found this

It must have been in there for at least a year but whatever I was going to try it. I couldn't at first get my spoon to penetrate the surface so zapped it for 30 seconds in the microwave. A bit hard a bit ice crystally (OK I know that isn't a word but you know what I mean) but it fulfilled the need.

today I am grateful for being able to rest this afternoon
for another lovely day
for a yummy find.

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Jimjams said...

Love those daisies - an awesome photo Mary

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